A Family Day Out at Semaphore

Our closest beach is about a 20 minute drive from home. Adelaide really does have some fantastic beaches - Glenelg, Henley, Grange but our favourite is Semaphore. We're there all the time just because it's easy and it has everything for us!

I've been wanting to snap some photos and write a blog post about this little location for a while now - and today was the perfect day for it!

There's no place higher than Dad's shoulders...
So here are some things to do at Semaphore (everything is dog & kid friendly - there's something for all ages)...
  • 3 Playgrounds... (two within walking distance from the main road, the other a little further away at Semaphore South)
  • Great food locations (some favourites include Likerish, Whipped, Royal Copenhagen and Viva Zapata)
  • 2 supermarkets if you need to grab something for dinner while you're down there. 
  • Family friendly pub - The Palais
  • Beach & jetty (obviously)
  • Mini train ride
  • Leisure Park including bouncy castle, mini golf, waterslide and ferris wheel.
  • At certain times of year - carnival type events, rides & carousel
  • Odeon Cinema
Where's your favourite beach? SA or Australia wide, please share.



  1. Seconding the Semaphore love here, for all the reasons you've mentioned! Also like Largs if we're just hitting the beach up for a swim. We're so lucky to have such great beaches. Even on really busy days, you still have plenty of room to yourself.

    1. You're spot on Beth! Wouldn't be too far from your neck of the woods either :)


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