An update, a look back and a cheeky birthday

Well hello there my little blog! Long time no see.

It's been a bit of a quiet December here, so I thought I should post one more time for the year with a bit of an update and a reflection of the year that was. The end of a calendar year also marks the end of another year of blogging, that's been four years since I started Teacher Types (a very easy blogiversary date to remember) so it's time to get back into it and set some goals for 2018!

So 2017 for me was the year of the juggle. The spinning of the plates. Motherhood, part time teaching + extra relief days, and maintaining the blog, and I think I've managed to do it all! I actually had a really good year.

I wrote 85 posts in total, with January and February being the busiest months (I must have started the year more enthusiastically than I finished it lol), and here are my top 5...

Kid & Hub Opened in Adelaide!

We absolutely love Kid & Hub! They have had such a successful first year of business with their movers and makers classes a big hit for both of my kids and we love their new and improved play hub!


WIN New Release Kazoops Figurines

Isn't it great when you find a kid's TV show that you actually don't mind watching as well? Well that's how it is in our house with Kazoops! It's such a fantastic show for preschoolers and encourages them to use their imaginations, problem solve and become critical and creative thinkers (read more on how great it is here...)

Well, following in the footsteps of many other popular TV shows, Kazoops have now released a new range of plush toys and figurines. Not only were we kindly gifted this set you see below, but the team at Cheeky Little Media are giving away another to one of my lovely followers! Read until the end of this post to find out how to enter.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

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