Lauren Recaps 2016

When I look back on 2016, I think about how many coffees I drank, how little sleep I got and how much of my kid free time I spent on the blog/social media...

Without a doubt, 2016 has been the best year for Teacher Types! 111 blog posts, (30 of which were product reviews), together with many opportunities that have come my way (incuding becoming a TRIBE influencer). I'm truly grateful and have loved all of it.

I didn't just write here though - I've been popping up all over the place! You may have seen me over at Adelady, Kids in Adelaide, Alphabet Street, Childhood 101, Kid MagazineFinlee and Me, Baby Hints & Tips, and the Parent Talk Australia Instagram account.

As the year draws to a close it's nice to look back on the highlights and best blog posts of 2016...and you might even come across a post that you missed! Or if you're a new follower you can catch up!


14 Things to Make and do with Salt Dough

Move over play dough - salt dough is our new favourite sensory play + craft material! Play dough has probably been the activity Miss M spent the most time doing in 2016 - but the thing she loves with salt dough is that she gets to keep and preserve her creations.

So it's the week leading up to Christmas and it's a great time to make some Christmassy bits and pieces using salt dough, either as a gift for family members or just for the fun of it!

I brainstormed (and then browsed Pinterest) for as many different things to make with salt dough and we tried to make as many of them as possible!

This is pretty much a fool proof recipe - just don't make any plans to leave the house because they take about 3 hours to bake and dry out in the oven (very low temp - around 120).
  • 1 cup plain flour
  • half a cup of salt
  • half a cup of warm water

Keeping up with the Kid's Learning During the Holidays

You might not even be contemplating or thinking about this yet (in which case please save, bookmark or pin this post for later in January). On the other hand you may be fresh out of a parent teacher interview or you've read your child's report and want to know how you can keep up with their learning during the long summer holiday break. (You'd be surprised at how many parents would ask me for 'activity books' and worksheets to be sent home with their child during the last week of Term 4). 


SNIP SNIP! {Early Learning Opportunities with Scissors}

This week it's been all about SCISSOR skills and activities over at Early Learning 101 on Instagram. If you don't follow them already you really should! Each week there is a different early learning theme to inspire your week of activities, and the hashtag #earlylearning101 has heaps of great inspo! Lucky me this week I was asked by the hosts Nichole (You Clever Monkey) and Amy (Playful Learning Co) to be their guest judge - so of course this got me thinking as to how I could put some more scissor skill practise into my week with Miss M (and I looked back through some old blog posts and photos as well to find some more ideas to share!).

Play dough is a great way to start with a toddler developing their scissor skills. Easy to use plastic scissors cut through the squishy play dough with ease. Roll out skinny worms to cut, or play hair dresser like Miss M is here!

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