My Last Post

Wow! It's been five years people!

Five years since I started this little blog. But sadly, it's time to say goodbye.

I know :(

Regular and loyal readers would have noticed that I've rarely been posting new content here over the last few months. I feel like I lost the joy and enthusiasm that I once had for my little space on the Internet (especially when Little Man stopped having day naps!). But I felt like I needed one last post, on my five year blogiversary to say goodbye, and not leave you hanging, wondering what happened to me.

As I return to 0.8 classroom teaching this year (4 days a week), I'll no longer have the time to devote to keep the Teacher Types blog going. The blog will still be here, you'll still be able to find it if there's something you're looking for (I seem to be still getting some great Pinterest traffic!) I just won't be posting new content any more. As we all know, we just can't do it all.

Thank you to those followers for staying with me all this time, at whatever stage over the last five years that you found me. Only a small handful of you were here at the beginning, and read my every word. You know who you are. Thank you also to the brands who have supported and collaborated with me in a variety of ways. Your trust and faith in me means so much and I'm very grateful to have had this opportunity to represent your brands with my community. Thank you also to the guest posters and the interviewees who have shared their words of wisdom with us all.

I'm a really sentimental person, so naturally, as I was feeling nostalgic, I looked back at some of my favourite and most popular posts in those five years. Some really significant milestones in our children's lives were documented here and I never want that to be erased.

When I first started in 2014 I wrote about discovery bottles, treasure baskets and the importance of reading aloud. All still things that are relevant!! After some busy bag ideas? I've got you covered - click here. These play ideas for 'We're going on a bear hunt' are really popular!

2015 saw this beautiful art work created (which is still hanging in Miss M's bedroom). I reminisced over these getting dressed tantrums (thankfully now she LOVES new clothes and getting dressed up, however dressing Little Man is kind of like wrestling a really strong octopus). The end of 2015 saw us welcome our Little Man and our family was complete.

2016 was probably my biggest year for the blog (because I was on maternity leave). But from a parenting perspective it was the toughest time! I got some expert advice about the Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Waldorf approaches to educating young children (a great read if this interests you). The hot weather here in Adelaide right now made me this of sharing this EPIC water play post with you all to help your kids cool off this summer.

In 2017 I was teaching Year 2s and PE - which was a whole new ball game! I also had lots of fantastic opportunities come my way. We regularly visited Kid & Hub, Little Picassos and Wild Imagination, I wore Frankie 4 shoes and Miss M was the bare footed ring bearer. I represented Teach Starter and shared lots of STEM ideas.

2018 was HUGE for our family with Miss M starting school. She has absolutely flourished and I'm so proud of her! I contributed craft activities to Inspire Book Box, while Miss M and I got creative with what we could make with a cardboard box. We had an amazing Open Day at school and I managed to capture some of the wonderful provocations and 'living things' activity ideas that we used in Term 1 which I'll be sure to use again next this year.

Well friends, that's it, the final words to be typed on Teacher Types. I'll still be around on Instagram if you'd like to keep in touch and see what I'm up to.

Thank you again for reading my words.

Lauren xx


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