The Story of the Bare Footed Ring Bearer

You might have seen on my Instagram that we recently celebrated my brother's wedding! And Miss M had a special job of being the ring bearer.

So let me tell you the story of how the bare footed ring bearer came to be...


And then she was FOUR

Well this post is a few weeks too late - but you know, life happens! (#bloggerlife #mumlife #teacherlife lol). 

Earlier this month Miss M turned four. Can you believe that? I started this blog when she was 9 months old... Just take a look back on how she's grown over her past birthdays...


Easter Art for Kids {Little Picassos Art Class}

Sponsored by Little Picassos, Adelaide. All opinions are my own.

There are so many activities on offer for kids these days - swimming, dancing, endless sports, kindergyms and playgroup. But are you aware of any art classes in your area?

Miss M and I recently attended a class especially for preschoolers at Little Picassos, Adelaide. I would love to take you through what we did step by step and share with you how brilliant it was. I was super impressed and Miss M (the keen artist that she is) absolutely loved it. She was so eager and just wanted to dive right in to every task, but when she paused for those instructional moments and I watched and observed her - she really listened and took in what the teacher was saying.


Teacher By Day {Kate}

Today I'm sharing another Teacher by Day interview. The fourth one so far! I'm just going to dive right in, because the first question is kind of like an intro in itself. Everyone, meet Kate from Happy Ella After + Name it Prints...

1. Kate I’ve followed you for so long now! Even since before you had Hudson I think. You were one of the first bloggers I reached out to via email to connect with. So tell us, how old are the kids now and what kinds of activities are they loving?

Oh Lauren thank you so much! The blogging community certainly are like a family. Many of whom I feel like I know, but have never met face to face (like you!). My Ella just turned 5 last weekend. Five years old! I can’t believe she has grown so much, and this blog – her name sake – is five years old too! Hudson is two and a half. They are such a joy and fill our lives with such happiness. My kids couldn’t be more different if I wanted to them to be. Ella is a quintessential girl who loves ballet, art and craft and anything pink. She is very creative and whilst quite shy at first, shows her true colours within minutes, dancing, twirling and singing as though she is on stage! Huddy is like a hurricane. He is the energiser bunny. He never, ever, ever stops. He loves construction, building things and smashing them down. Trains, trucks and tantrums! That said, we adore them to bits!


How To Stop Sabotaging Your Child’s Sleep

Sleep!! It's the holy grail of parenting! We all talk about it. We ask each other "How are they sleeping?", "Are you getting enough sleep?". We all want that magical (sometimes mythical) 'slept-through-the-night' night. I'll start by saying that of course every child is different, and they can be complete mysteries, impossible to figure out and you may be constantly questioning your decisions. I'm so glad to have an expert on this topic to be here today! Meet Bianca from Hush a Bee, a certified sleep consultant to share her tips with us. 

Currently we have a 4 year old who is very energetic at bed time and takes a while to wind down, coupled with a hungry 14 month old who is in the bottle-to-go-back-to-sleep phase (and who also sometimes wants to start his day at 5am). So I am definitely taking note of Bianca's suggestions.

 Oh my Little Man when he was so tiny and he slept all the time, any time any where. 


Mirror Play for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Hi everyone! (*waves) Today's post is all about mirrors. Such magical things and so intriguing to young children. Identity and belonging are key components of the Early Years Framework and through mirror play, even very young children begin to learn about who they are. I love that moment when a baby realises "it's ME" in the mirror looking back at them, not a different baby! A mirror is a fantastic addition to your sensory play resources and I've compiled a list of activity ideas for every age through the early years.

*This post contains affiliate links


From High Energy to Calm {Guest Post}

Know that feeling either at home or in the classroom when your kids are bouncing off the walls? Don't we all? Kids have a lot of energy (obviously) and it's important that they have opportunities each day to expel that energy is a positive way. It's also important they have opportunities for calm and quiet time as well (especially if they no longer have a day sleep). On a typical day at school I always try to calm the class down after recess and lunch breaks by taking a few deep breaths, a high five breathing (which I found here at Childhood 101) or a few moments of mindfulness. The art of practicing mindfulness is a hot topic within schools at the moment and we are becoming more aware of the benefits. My guest blogger today Beth from Kids Mind Body Spirit has some great ideas that we can do to bring a little more calm into our kids' day.

Thanks for being here today Beth!

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