Friday, October 21

Reading Aloud is More Than Just a Bedtime Routine {Guest Post}

I'm so thrilled to have a special guest here today - author Amelia Trompf who is launching her book Who is Fitzy Fox? this month with a blog hop, and we are her last stop! You probably saw my review yesterday, and today Amelia's talking all about the importance of reading to our kids. 


A couple of unexpected things have happened to me since I had my son. One is that I get ridiculously excited when I go past a yellow digger and absolutely beside myself when I see a really big crane, even when it’s just me in the car. The second is I am overjoyed when the toilet roll is finished because I have yet another cardboard cylinder to add to the ‘making box’. Actually the toilet roll excitement is relatively new and has started since I decided to challenge myself to get more ‘crafty’.

Thursday, October 20

{Book Review} Who is Fitzy Fox?

I love hosting book reviews here on my blog. I think it's just such an amazing thing that a person can write a story and go through the whole lengthy process to have it turned into an actual book! A book with pages and pictures and a front cover. What an achievement! And on top of that, books are such an important part of childhood and early learning, it's always great to find and share a new one. And that's what I'm all about :)


Who is Fitzy Fox? written by Primary school teacher Amelia Trompf and illustrated by Jennifer Bruce is a story about identity, belonging and bravery. Fitzy Fox is the most adorable character with his glasses and fancy outfits and accessories. He's so adorable and endearing!

See? He's just the cutest! So lovable!

Tuesday, October 18

An Apple for the Teacher {End of Year Gift Ideas}

OK OK so I know that Term 4 has only just begun here in SA, but everything happens a bit earlier in the Internet world and the 'Mums with Hustle' tell me that businesses are organising their Christmas stock, and blog posts are being written so that you can order and receive your products in time!

I'm so excited to bring you this post today - it's an awesome collection of end of year teacher gift ideas (and I'm totally allowed to share this because I'm on maternity leave and this isn't a hint to my parents at school to buy me this stuff!! But teacher friends - feel free to share!).

Your child's teacher works so hard over the school year, and it's not that we expect a gift (sometimes a lovely message inside a card is all we need), but if you do like to get your child's teacher a gift, or perhaps the class is all chipping in a few dollars to get something special - look no further than my list of unique and special teacher gifts.

Thanks to the awesome 'Mums with Hustle' who have contributed their products to this post. (Not sponsored, just love to #supportlocal and #shopsmall)


Prints and Posters

Thursday, October 13

Little People Aren't Supposed to Sit Still {Fidget Toys Feature}

"I am in Preschool. I was not built to sit still, keep my hands to myself, 
take turns, be patient, stand in line, keep quiet all of the time.
I need motion, novelty, adventure and to engage the world with my whole body.
Let me play. Trust me I'm learning"

This quote has circulated the Internet many times and so I'm not sure of the original source - but it's at the core of what my blog post is all about today.

Miss M's favourite fidget toy - large elastic ball

Let me start by saying that we want young children to develop these skills; to be able to sit in a group and listen to a story is vital in the early years of school, to listen, to follow instructions, to not hurt others etc etc. But we as teachers and parents need to remember that it does not come naturally to all children and that it's our job to cater to their needs whilst encouraging them to display the desired behaviour of that particular setting.

Tuesday, October 4

Terrific Transport Activities {+ Click Clack Toys Giveaway}

Today is all about TRANSPORT! Such a fun theme - and so relatable for little ones because they are immersed in all different types of transport in their everyday lives. Cars, buses, trucks along the road, planes in the sky, boats in the water... They learn to ride bikes, they go on train rides, and how exciting is rubbish collection day when the big truck comes?!? So naturally (as children learn through play) when they are playing with transport toys, they are acting out what they know about real life. The essence of learning through play. Children making sense of the world around them.

Monday, October 3

Things we LOVE to do in Adelaide

You may have seen me popping up on all sorts of other websites lately, e.g. Alphabet Street, Adelady and Kids in Adelaide where I share some of our favourite places to visit and things to do in this beautiful city we call RADelaide.

So why should Teacher Types miss out?

I thought it was about time I combined all of these fantastic locations into the one place for my Adeladian followers to get some inspo of where they can take their kids these school holidays. Maybe somewhere you've never been? Or somewhere you've forgotten about :)

Princess Elizabeth Playground, South Terrace, Adelaide

Because trampolines in the ground are the actual best. This playground has a sand pit area too and plenty of play equipment for all ages. 

Thursday, September 29

{Guest Post} Small World Play 101 - Benefits & Implementation

Today I'm so please to welcome Krystal, a former teacher and now mum of three and owner of Sweet Elephants. She has some unique, beautiful and educational products for kids and babies on offer - and has compiled some brilliant small world play ideas to share today.

Small world play is an enticing theme-based miniature invitation to play usually involving some loose parts, figurines and sensory materials. It is a creative space that whisks children away on magical journeys and endless adventures; limited only to their imaginations. Whether kids are retelling or inventing their own stories at the farm, sea or forest, these little areas are diamonds when it comes to educational value and we know you (and your kids) will simply love them. Where do I start? You ask. Never fear, we are here to guide you through the who, how and whys.

Wednesday, September 21

Bridge to Learn Educational Resources {Product Review}

It's always a joy to find and a pleasure to share educational resources that parents can use at home to help their children with early learning. Just a short scroll through my blog and you'll find some of my previous educational product reviews...

Bridge to Learn is a fun and engaging learning program targeted at children from birth to 8 years comprising of a series of storybooks, toy kits and learning books. The main character 'Ollie the Octopus' seems to always be off on new adventures with his sea creature friends. Key concepts such as shapes, numbers, colours and beginning sounds are introduced to the learner and woven through the 'under the sea' theme. The resources are developed, made and printed in Australia and aligned with the Australian Curriculum and Early Learning Years Framework which gets a tick from me!

Tuesday, September 20

That Time Miss M and I Went to Melbourne

If you had 24 hours in Melbourne, with a three year old, how would you spend them? I asked my Aussie Parenting blogger friends and here were a few suggestions...(of course with Melbourne your plans are always weather dependent).

Miss M and I ventured off on a girls weekend to visit some friends in Melbourne. She's been once before (read about it here - oh my how things have changed), but was too young to remember. From chatting to friends, 3 seems to be the turning point when children become somewhat easier to travel with. So here's just a quick recap of how we spent our 24 hours!

Thursday, September 15

Seven Puzzle Hacks for All Ages!

Ah puzzles. They've been around for ever and kids still love them - plus they're great for early learning. Shape, rotation, transformation, spatial awareness are the foundations for more advanced mathematical concepts learnt later on.

To be honest, Miss M doesn't play with puzzles all that often, so I'm always looking for new ideas for how to make a standard simple puzzle more interesting and turn it into a fun and inviting play activity. Some of my favourite Instagrammers/Bloggers have shared some of their ideas lately, so we wanted to try some ourselves.

Peekaboo Puzzle

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