Mother to Mother's Day {+ mini interview with OT Sarah}

My friend Sarah Poppy from Working Mums Collective together with Sarah from Bloom Wellbeing have teamed up this Mother's Day launching the #mothertomothersday16 initiative encouraging mothers to lift those around them with special social media shout outs and recognition. Sometimes, no one really quite gets it except your mummy friends. Something so simple could make the difference in another mummy's day. Telling a mama "you've got this" might be all they need to hear to get through a tough day, or a tough phase. 

Our Preschooler Playspace

"Mummy what did you put out for me?"

Well, Miss M, today while you were at child care I rearranged your play area!!


MORE Getting Dressed Tantrums {Follow Up}

You may remember my story here about my little Miss’ getting dressed tantrums from 6 months ago. Well she’s three now and things have, well how should I put this, changed! Evolved. She is still quite a fusspot, and every day is different. Allow me to elaborate with some of our day to day stories.

She likes ALL PLAIN clothes, the daggier the better. Paint stains - no worries! Some days she’s head to toe in plain purple!

Plain with a pocket the same colour is apparently NOT plain!

New plain t-shirt? “Oh no I don't like new clothes.” (Mum must wash all the new clothes – um was I supposed to be doing this already?)

We used to be able to get away with “dresses are for parties”, but no more! So her dad tried reverse psychology “This dress is a size 3, so you’re not allowed to wear it until you’re 3”. She wore a dress on her 3rd birthday for about half an hour.

Chooses it at the shops herself - great! Won't wear it.

Wears in once! OMG it's a miracle - she's getting better! Will never wear it again.

Me: Will you wear something new today if I get out a NEW tub of playdough for you to play with?
Her: Yes. (works sometimes)

"Maybe I'll wear this one with ice creams on it because I want an ice cream today"

“I'll wear all my fishy clothes when I go to the beach with Nanna.” (This includes PJs, leggings, shorts, t-shirts)

“If I wear this t-shirt with flowers it will help me learn to say the word ‘fowler’” – (you can't make this stuff up!!)

“I want those orange socks, not THOSE orange socks.” Devastated when her favourite orange socks are in the wash.

She had a ‘Ben & Holly’ themed birthday party and we got her a holly t-shirt with the compromise that she got to choose what she wore on the bottom half. She came out in leggings on a 39 degree day!

Her: I want to wear spots like you mum. Where are my pants with spots?
Me: They were too small so we gave them to the op shop.
*Cue tantrum.

But here she is, our gorgeous girl. She actually likes tutus some days, but only with – you guessed it, a plain t-shirt.

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Lauren xx

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SUPER Simple Mother's Day Craft {Dads I'm talking to you}

Ok Dad's, this one's for YOU. James I hope you're reading this ;)

Mother's day is coming up - just a gentle reminder. It's May 8th, the second Sunday of May. Don't worry, you still have plenty to time to whip something up to give the mother of your children. And I've come up with the simplest list you'll find on the net. Us mums love handmade stuff from the kids, but they usually need a little bit of adult help, and FYI we shouldn't have to make our own gifts!!

Scribble or Messy Paint Hearts

Let the kids go crazy and scribble on some paper, or if you're feeling ambitious and don't mind the clean up, get the paints out. When they're done cut it out into a love heart shape. Fold in half and there you have a Mother's Day card.

If you don't mind some extra cutting, cut out the letters of 'Mum' and glue on another sheet of paper or card. Save some of the scribbles or paintings to use as wrapping paper later.

If you buy a card from the shop (hint: we love special messages inside about how wonderful we are) let the kids decorate the card and envelope with more drawings. If we have young kids who can't draw yet - we love their scribbles!

Colouring In

This one's pretty simple too. Print out any of these colouring in pages, and let the kids go to town. 

Hint: Laminating kids colourings/drawings makes them an instant gift!

Handprints and Footprints

If you think you can handle it - try painting your little one's feet or hands. This one's great if they can't hold a pencil yet and can't make much else! Tip: feet are easier, babies hold their hands in tight little fists until they're about 6 months old. Mum will melt! We love this stuff.


3 year olds and up can probably manage stickers on their own. Buy some hearts, flowers or butterflies and let them decorate a piece of paper or card. Done.

Stuff in a Jar

Jars are all the trend right now. Take the kids shopping and choose mums favourite lollies, chocolates, tea bags, coffee sachets or Nespresso pods (whatever mum loves), let the kids pop it into a jar and call it a gift. If you can be bothered tie a ribbon around it :)


Grab a white coffee mug, bowl or plate and let the kids decorate them with coloured sharpies (keep this one for older kids - maybe 3 and up - but you'll have to watch them so they don't draw all over themselves!). Bake in the oven for 120 degrees for 2 hours and they'll be done! If you want extra brownie points, bake some cookies or brownies with the kids to add to this gift.

Photo Gifts

If Mum is a coffee lover and you like the mug idea, but want it even easier, check out Vistaprint. Mums LOVE photos of their kids. We can't get enough of them. Upload a photo of the kids on a mug, iPhone case, fridge magnet or mouse pad... Here are the shipping details to make sure mum gets it by mothers day. VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Express - 3 business days
  • Priority - 5 business days
  • Standard - 10 business days

If all else fails, buy a photo frame from the shop to pop a photo of the kids in.

Last but not least - give us a sleep in!


My latest article in Working Mums Collective Magazine

You may recall a few months ago I had an article featured in the launch issue of Working Mums Collective Magazine (it was all about life 36 weeks pregnant, still working whilst toddler wrangling!). Well I've written another for Issue #2 - 10 things your child's teacher wants you to know. Pop over here to download the latest issue with lots of other fab articles.

Sarah (the editor) and I had a giggle at the latest Instagramers of Adelaide meet up about how I actually wrote that article on my phone with baby in arms LOL! I do a lot of planning/brainstorming/writing/blogging on my phone these days... Or sometimes just jotting down an idea before I forget it!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the latest issue. If you're looking for some early learning play ideas (which I know many of my readers are!) you must check out 'Invitation to Play' in this issue.

I'm very much looking forward to reading issue #3 on my new iPad! I have a birthday coming up ;)
Lauren xx

That time I Interviewed my Husband for my Blog

Today's our wedding anniversary. Here we are four years ago. Best. Day Ever.

I know a lot of people say that the day they had their children was their 'best day ever' but for me that included labour, a caesarean surgery and the start of a painful recovery. In terms of one whole day that ROCKED - it was my wedding day.

And this was my best moment of my Best. Day Ever.

Cue music "You've got the love" and check out the pure JOY in my expression. Told you it was the best day ever.

The other day I interviewed Miss M - so I thought I'd give my hubby James a go too!


Now my readers knows what I do for a living - but tell everyone what do you do?
I'm an Electrician, Working for the Department of Transport.

Do you actually read my blog?
I keep an eye on it.

How did you come up with my blog name Teacher Types?
I was once warned by a wise man the perils of hooking up with one of those "teacher types" (but I didn't listen) and thought the name was a good fit.

What's it like being married to a teacher?
Everything is well organised - but when it doesn't go to plan I stay out the way.

What's your favourite characteristic of Miss M?
Her talking ability.

Favourite activity you two do together?
Red Chilli for lunch. Or Bunnings.

Favourite Adelaide restaurant?
Hard to pick a favourite - recently loved Jolleys Boathouse, Alphutte, and always love some Chinese on Gouger Street, a burger from Nordburger and last but not least lunch at Red Chilli Elizabeth.

Favourite holiday we've been on in our 8 years?
Maybe our Cruise or Hawaii - both were great.

What do you remember about our wedding day?
All of it I remember pretty well, but perhaps most notable was seeing Lauren nervous on her entry to the ceremony - not something I've seen ever before. - She looked very sweet.

This is the moment he's talking about

(James is the king of nicknames.) Share your nicknames for us.
Me - Sweets
Miss M - The Tronic
Little Man - Hans Milkman


Thanks James. Love you and Happy Anniversary! xx

All images - credit Willow and French Photography.

Beach Themed Sensory Tub!

Let me paint you a picture, it's the middle of April, and the weather is starting to turn and cool right down. This is the time of year when Miss M decides she LOVES the beach after complaining all summer that the sand bothers her feet...

So I created a beach themed sensory tub for her enjoy on these chilly Autumn days. She was given 'Beach Lily' by her Nanna for Christmas and she looks right at home here!

We included these things;

  • kinetic sand
  • shells we collected from the beach
  • pebbles & gems
  • 'Beach Lily' and all her accessories
  • Sea creature stickers to decorate the tub

I considered using blue dyed rice for the 'water' but feared it may complete ruin our kinetic sand - so I'll save that idea for another day. There's no reason why you couldn't just use normal sand from the sand pit to create the same kind of sensory fun!

Lauren x

{Maternity Leave} Why My Daughter Still Goes to Child Care

Now before you all freak out - Miss M only goes to Child Care one, sometimes two days a week. Child Care wasn't part of our original plan two years ago when I returned to work, but due to sad family circumstances, it became a reality... Miss M attended a great centre right near my school for 18 months (which I should mention is about a half an hour drive from home). But this year we made the tough decision to move her to a centre closer to home so that Little Man wasn't spending up to two hours in the car per day (all the while trying to get him into a sleep routine).

We are really happy with our decision and her regular attendance at Child Care this year has been really beneficial for every member of our family.

Here's why...

It's good for her learning

Child Care Educators follow an extensive and enriching early years curriculum these days, and Miss M is now in the Preschool room. As you can tell from my blog, I do plan a lot of educational and fun activities for her during the week, but there are so many more opportunities for learning at Child Care. They target specific learning goals for each child to extend their development and often base the activities around topics of interest. Recently they even had the hatching eggs program. Miss M also shows a different side to her personality when she's at Child Care (which brings me to my next point)...

It's good for her social skills

Previously, I've described Miss M as a clingy koala, and she is still very much like this. Although, after 18 months of child care, and now at a new centre - she finally doesn't cry any more when I drop her off! Success!! I thought we'd never get there.

Anyway, when I take her to an activity such as story time at the library, she is reluctant to sit with the group of children and join in with the songs. But at Child Care (so I'm told - I wish I could be a fly on the wall) - she goes along with the others. And it's super cute when she comes home reciting the songs and games they do and "plays child care". I also find (as you may have read here) - that she's not the best at sharing or interacting with other children on our play dates, but at Child Care - she has no trouble at all! 

She comes back better behaved

Hands up if you know the power of a 'threenager'. It's diabolical at times! All those great big opinions and emotions with no where to escape except a voice at full volume or a flood of tears. Child Care is like hitting the reset button and she comes back glad to be home in her comfort zone. She often comes home eager to independently play with her own toys (especially if I've put out a few things for her she may not have played with for a while). She also returns home pretty tired, and always has a good night's sleep after her busy day.

It gives me quality time with Little Man

This is probably the most important for me. On the days when it's just me and both kids, I feel like I spend most of the day either feeding or settling the Little Man, and just popping him on his play mat hoping he doesn't cry for five minutes while I madly put washing on or make Miss M lunch. There have been times when I've finally gotten him to sleep and get out painting or home made play dough to do with Miss M - and five minutes later, he's awake again. But when it's just me and him, we get to play and bond with each other, and our day can revolve around him.

... and when he DOES sleep I finally get a break!

Hello blog! This is when we get reacquainted (if you're a regular follower of Teacher Types you may think that I blog all the time during the week, but truthfully, I do a lot on Miss M's Child Care days and just have draft posts ready to publish throughout the week). 

Jobs around the house are done - they stay done! There isn't a mini tornado following me around the house creating a mess of play dough speckles and biscuit crumbs wherever she goes. (Miss M hasn't napped since shortly after she turned two so it's been a long time and I have been looking forward to the return of the free-time-during-nap-time phase.)

Going to the shops is actually a possibility

If I'm lucky and Little Man actually sleeps soundly in his pram - I feel like I'm shopping on my own. Luxury! I can take my time, think about my purchases, try things on, wander the shops and be sure to get everything on my list. Now this doesn't happen every time, but it's sure is easier than with two of them!

I feel that I can be a better mother...

*cue the teary tears...
A day of Miss M at Child Care is giving me the chance to 'breathe and reboot'. I have more effort and energy to play with Miss M and give her the attention she needs. My patience is no longer worn thin and I feel like we are back on track. They say that parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world, and I personally believe that we deserve a break from time to time. I let go of the mummy guilt and told myself that I deserve it.


I think this is one of those many personal parenting decisions that we all make along the way. And everyone's circumstances are different (money, family support, access to child care, personal beliefs, and if the older child was already in care before baby number 2 came along)... Thanks for respecting our decision to do what's best for our family.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and stories.

Lauren x

Linking with Jess.

An Interview with my three year old

Have you even written down a whole conversation with your child? If you're a quick typer, there'll be lots of errors as you go to try and keep up, but it's really quite hilarious! I tried it with Miss M this afternoon...we weren't doing much else! (her answers are in italics)


M can I ask you some questions?
oooohhhh yes!

What's your favourite colour?

What's your favourite food?
Um I dont know. 
Have a think about it

What did we do today?
I don't know. Can you tell me?
*Rephrase the question* Where did we got today?
I don't know? Where? To the aquarium?
No it wasn't the aquarium.
I can't guess
It was called the Botanic Gardens.
I got confused.
And what did we do today?
We went to the Botanic Gardens.
What did we do else?
Um not much. We came home.
What did we do? What did I play? What did we play with when we got home?
I'm meant to be asking you the questions!!

What's your favourite TV show?
Ben and Holly and Peppa Pig

What's your favourite toy?
Lily and Teddy and play dough

Tell me about your brother?
I don't know what he does. Can you tell me?
Try to think of one thing you brother does.
Drinks mummy milk.

Tell me about Archer? *Our dog*
I don't know what he does.
He poos and wees and barks.
He he you're funny.
That's what he does.
"out the way" *she says to Archer*

Tell me about your dad?
I don't know what he does.
What's something daddy does with you?
Plays with me.

Tell me something mummy does with you.
Plays with me. 
What kind of things?
Plays with me. Mum plays with me.

Do you go to child care?
What do you do there?
I don't know. 
You're saying "I don't know" a lot.

Whats your favourite outfit?

What's your favourite book?
I don't know.
Ah, Peter Rabbit.

Whats your favourite place to go to?
I don't know. Can you tell me?
*give examples - Play Cafe, Park, Playground, Shops
My park.

Anything else you'd like to say
*plays music on toy piano to the tune of the wheels on the bus.


*Half an hour later
Mum I'm going to ask you some questions.
What did we do today?
We went to the Botanic Gardens.
*runs to me on the lap top
What are you going to ask me next?
*daddy interrupts wanting to discuss plans for the weekend. Doesn't realise I'm writing a blog post here.

Whats your favourite colour in the whole wide world?
Ah Green.

*daddy comes over - "I'll tell you something to ask her"

Mum what kind of food did you eat... when you were a little girl?
Um, hot chips and plain pasta with cheese and cheese sandwiches.
Oh that might be yummy! What else?
Um, apples, bikkies
Oh. Bikkies that I don't like?
Um, I cant remember.

Dont you? I remember.
Do you?
*goes off on a tangent trying to figure out a word she was trying to say... could have been thumb, a type of biscuit?!? Who knows!

Lets get back to the interview.
What else would you like to ask me?

What was your favourite colour when you was a little girl? Green or purple?
It was purple actually.
Oh hehe! And green? But you like green anyway.
You changed what you like.
That's true.

Any more questions?
Ah, what is your favourite clothes?
Favourite clothes?
Yes? Black?
Yes I like black, and jeans, and comfy pants.

We've got time for one more question.
What kind, what did you do when you were a baby?
I probably cried, and slept and drank milk and thats all.
*puts play dough on computer screen

Don't put play dough on the computer screen.

Lauren & Miss M xox
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