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My last post in the "Raising Bookworms" series is all about homemade books you can create and personalise for your little one (thanks to a mummy friend who gave me this idea - you know who you are!)

As mentioned in my previous post, young children love touchy/feely books, so I had a go at making my own. I used textures such as feathers, wool, sandpaper, bubble wrap, cotton wool and shiny contact (pictured below), glued them on to thick cardboard, punched a hole in the corner and joined the pages with a keychain. The only thing I found was that this texture book was so well loved that the corners got a bit soggy and pages started to fall out!

Another handmade book similar to the texture book I made was with photos of our family. This too was well loved and didn’t last for more than a few weeks (laminating would have been a great option to make it sturdier). So for Christmas I made my little one her own family photo album (see below). She LOVES looking at the familiar faces and the aim is to nurture her early language skills at the same time as recognising her immediate family (at ten months she can say 'mum' and 'dad' when she sees photos of us!).

I came across Pint Size Productions, a website where you can make personalised board books. What an amazing idea! However they are quite pricey and based in the US so postage (to Australia where I am) is expensive. But I'm thinking this would be a nice birthday present idea…even for the next few birthdays! Imagine your little one being the main character in a durable board book all about them…

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Ideas and themes for personalised board books include;
  • Me and My Family
  • A day in the life of ... (great for establishing daily routines)
  • My Favourite Things
  • Colours
Since writing this post, I have now been put onto a much more affordable way to get personalised board/photo books made. Visit Artisan State if you're interested...their "Little black books" are only $20 and very affordable shipping.

I've also seen this amazing idea of an alphabet photo book where each page is the child with or doing something starting with each letter of the alphabet (eg A eating an apple, B playing with a ball etc…) This may be a nice idea for a 3-5 year old who can enjoy looking at the special pages without damaging them. It's also a great way for them to learn their letters. You can make photobooks almost anywhere these days! I love to use Officeworks.

Finally, I'm always seeing ideas on Pinterest, for various uses for paint swatches that you get for free from the hardware/paint stores. One such idea was to make a colour book - and I got crafty this weekend and did just that! (Tip - get two of each colour paint swatch and laminate back to back so you get a double page of colour).

So whether you buy books from the shop, give them as a gift, borrow from the library, buy from an op shop, swap with a friend, make your own or all of the above - aim to establish and encourage a life long love of reading in your child (or the little people in your classroom).

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  1. So many cute ideas for books for little ones! Thanks for sharing at the Love to Learn Linky.

    1. Hi Anne, thanks for leaving a couple of comments on my "Raising Bookworms" series. Am loving the "Love to Learn Linky".


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