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Looking for some new ideas to keep your little one entertained? I find that my eleven-month-old gets bored easily with the same toys, but by adding a few additions or presenting them in a different way you can make the old seem new again! Changing toys around regularly or putting some away for a week or two and then getting them out again can also help to keep little ones interested. Think about the way you present the toys as well (eg treasure baskets or tins - see 2nd picture below). I come across the term "invitation to play" quite often (will do a post all about this idea soon) and this is what I try to create when setting up activities and toys for my little miss.

A mummy friend and I also love to do toy swaps... At the moment her little one is borrowing our ball pit white we are borrowing her Fisher Price "learning home". Fun, fun and more FUN!

So here's three little easy ideas for you to try...

These types of balls are available at most baby/toy shops (the one on the top is called an 'o-ball' and the one on the right has a bell inside so that's nice for a bit of music). I simply cut up some soft thin material scraps and put them inside the balls. It's fascinating watching my little one try to pull them out with a look of determination on her face! You could also try putting material scraps in an empty tissue box or baby wipes container.

Another very simple idea to present everyday baby toys in a different way. My little one loves small toys that fit into her hand that she can carry around with her (pictured are some of her favourites). She enjoyed taking them all out and putting them in, banging them against the tin, all the while discovering what sounds they make.

Ribbon rings are very easy to make (I used curtain rings from spotlight). I'm not sure the name of the knot I used to secure the ribbon, but it worked well. I'm hoping to add to our collection and make many more using different colours. One tip I have is to regularly trim the ends of the ribbon because they fray.

I hope you enjoyed these little simple ideas, please share in the comments below if you have any baby play ideas to contribute.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. omg i want a holey ball like that!! my daughter is always pulling material out of my scraps box through the little handle holes :) she'll LOVE this! also, heat the ends of your ribbon to seal them -no more fraying :)

  2. Hi Benita! So nice to see a comment on my posts every now and again. The holey balls have definitely been a hit in our house! And thanks for the ribbon tip.

  3. i LOVE your blog.. its great to get new ideas and see things from someone else's perspective every now and then! Can't wait to try rainbow spaghetti either! (ps. we did ice-blocks too on those super hot days.. oops)

  4. Thank you Benita, that's lovely of you to say.

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