A-Z in the life of a Toddler | My Alphabet Project Part 3

It's all about the ALPHABET here at teacher types at the moment. We've had The A-Z of a Successful Classroom, Twenty Six Letters and Alphabet Pebbles so far in this series.

Today's post has been sitting in my drafts folder for ages. As I reflect on my toddler's daily activities and routines, little things are BIG things to her at the moment. This is the list I came up with. I call it A-Z in the Life of a Toddler.

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Here's an explanation...

A is for Art (drawing with pencils and crayons on blank paper or colouring books happens just about every day!)
B is for Books (daily reading should be a part of daily life)
C is for Colours (little miss is learning a few of her colours at the moment)
D is for Dough (sensory play has many wonderful benefits)
E is for Eating (breakfast, snack, lunch, bottle, snack, dinner, bottle...repeat!)
F is for Family (at the core of a toddler's existence)
G is for Gross Motor (if you are unfamiliar with this term, it refers to a child's physical development of skills such as crawling, walking, running, jumping, climbing etc)
H is for Hugs (little miss can actually wrap her arms around us now and we love having hugs!)
I is for Independence (these stacking toys were one of the first that kept her attention to play independently)
J is for Jump (little miss thinks she can jump, but her feet don't leave the ground yet)
K is for Kind (a key skill for littlies to begin developing)
L is for Learning (so much learning happens every day, toddlers minds are like little sponges)
M is for Music (musical instrument play is lots of fun for this age)
N is for Nature (little people are able to find beauty in the simple things found from nature)
O is for Outside (how much of your day is spent outdoors?)
P is for Puzzles (at around 18 months, a toddler may start to develop this skill)
Q is for Quiet (a tricky one for little people, but try to have quiet time in your day whether it be a nap, reading books or watching a small amount of TV)
R is for Rainbow (another example of sensory play)
S is for Sharing (as with 'Kind' another key skill for toddlers to learn to happily co-exist with each other)
T is for Talking (what an exciting milestone for this age. Adding new words to their vocabulary every day)
U is for UP (this would have to be the one word I hear the most every day!)
V is for Vegetables (whether they love them or hate them - we all try to get them into those little bellies)
W is for Walking (another significant milestone, when babes become toddlers, but all children master this skills at different times)
X is for eXplore (so many things are new to toddlers, so much to explore)
Y is for Yes (once toddler's can say this to you whether it be nodding, speaking or signing - it opens up a whole world of communication opportunities)
Z is for Zoo (what a wonderful age to visit the zoo and see all the animals)

Has anyone else been participating in the Alphabet Project? Comment below with a link and I'll check it out!


Images designed and created using Canva
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A B C D E G I N P R - Photography by me - teacher types
F H J Q S - Free Clip Art
K O T U W X Y Z - Created using Canva images (some paid, some free) :)


  1. I love this alphabet... we just visited the zoo recently, you are so right... such a lovely age to go and follow the map. I think we were all as excited as each other to go. We've been making play dough forever too, I think this was one of the first posts I ever wrote here http://www.tomfo.com/no-cook-playdough-easy-to-make#.VBwKQRYgHPY

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Lisa! How amazing is play dough. Loving your blog BTW x

  2. Very cute! Coming by from Flog Yo Blog and just happened to chance click on the perfect blog for me ;-)

    1. I just came across 'flog your blog' last night. Will definitely continue to share via this linky! Hope you'll continue to follow my blog :)

  3. I love this alphabet! Super cute.

  4. As a homeschooling mother of 7 (1-10) I see this alphabet most days.

  5. Thanks Christine & Christina :)
    Wow 7 children! That must be a busy household! Hope you can find some little activity ideas to use with your little people on my blog.


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