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Dear Blog...I missed you!
I've had a month off, and now I'm ready to be back.
Love Lauren xox

Every second Monday, hubby has the day off, so we usually try and do something nice together as a family. This afternoon we hopped on a train and headed into town. I love those days when you feel like tourists in our own city. Here's a brief little list of the things my (almost) 20 month old enjoyed about her day...

- The train ride (with snacks to get us through it)
- Lunch at Jamie's Italian (yes they are child friendly - colouring in, high chairs & change facilities provided)
- Riding the escalators up and down in the Myer Centre (over and over again - this was the highlight of her day)
- Handing various items to the man at the door at JB-HIFI
- Listening to a busker playing guitar ("la la la" M says), and giving him some $$
- Smelling flowers in the mall (M is starting to learn 'look but don't touch')
- Riding more escalators in Rundle Place
- A little treat at Cocolat
- Looking into her reflection in the Mall's Balls
- Saying hello to the piggy statues
- Making our way back to the train station and yes riding the escalators many more times while daddy got the tickets
- Looking at each of the big silver numbers 1-9 on each of the train platforms

The train ride home was not as successful as the one in to the city, and little Miss M preferred to walk or be carried most of her day and protested going in the pram. But all in all, quite a nice family day.

There's obviously so much more we could have done, the museum, the botanic gardens, lots of playgrounds and parks, but they will have to wait for another day.

Finally, here are three handy little sites that I follow on Facebook. They have lots of good ideas for things to do all around our lovely little city of Adelaide;
Play and Go Adelaide
Little Lattes
What's on for Adelaide Families

No photos today sorry, but there'll be an exciting post coming up tomorrow!

It's good to be back...


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