A Cubby House! Merry Christmas Miss M

Merry Christmas everyone! May your day be filled with joy xo

Well it's been a labour of love - but Miss M's cubby house is finally finished all ready for Christmas! After researching and looking around locally, we decided to order this cubby (as a kit) from interstate (Design a Shed). We really wanted to avoid perma-pine/treated pine because it's so chemically - and as it happened the cubby itself was cheaper (but shipping expensive) so it worked out to be about the same price anyway. Hubby wanted to paint and assemble it himself - although we both didn't realise it would be such a big task! Notice all of the dark grey bits - they were my job! It's only a simple, basic cubby, but was just right for this little corner of our back yard.

Miss M knew she was getting a cubby for Christmas (but it was from us - not Santa, she knew Daddy was building it for her. When we would visit Santa, or when anyone would ask her what she wants for christmas she would say "daddy cubby").

Thought I should include a 'decorated' version of the photo as well :)

Here are our tips and advice;
- Make it an activity you and your other half can enjoy doing together! We made an effort each night after dinner to spend a few hours outside painting. We got more done this way - and was more fun doing it together.
- Paint it before you assemble it.
- Two coats of paint is always better than one.
- Allow yourself plenty of time - don't leave it until the week (or day) before you need it to start.
- The cubby may need modifications (hubby is quite the perfectionist so he wanted to make some alterations and improvements to it).
- Be prepared to make lots of trips to your local hardware store.

I am so looking forward to adding lots of accessories to it - a letter box, wind chimes, play kitchen (remember this guest post by the lovely Benita?), toys, books, chalkboard ... and much more! The hours of play she and her friends and cousins will have out in that cubby will be truly magical and the imaginative play opportunities are endless.

Thank you James for our daughter's amazing cubby!
And once again everyone - Merry Christmas.

Lauren :)


  1. It looks so fabulous! Especially with the bow on the door!
    Merry Christmas Lauren! x

    1. Merry Christmas to you too Alison! I read your post about your Peruvian celebration. What an experience! xx

  2. Replies
    1. We are so happy with it Christina! Thanks for your comment :)

  3. It is wonderful!! Congratulations! So much fun to be had within these walls.

    Thanks for linking up to #thankfulthursday!

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