Christmas Gifts for Little Ones to Make

I think it's so nice having something special for little people to give their loved ones at Christmas time. Everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit at the moment - so I figured I should too!

I had originally planned to publish this post on the first of December, but obviously that didn't happen. So it's a bit last minute, but I hope some of my readers may still find these ideas useful and helpful!

You may have seen this one on the blog before. We made these salt dough footprints last year. An upside down footprint, carefully decorated can be made to look like a Christmas tree. (Click here for the recipe). You could also simply make a hole, add ribbon and hang on the Christmas tree. Another simple idea is to simply make a footprint in the Christmas cards you are sending.

To match last years footprint, I wanted to do a handprint this year. These mini canvas' were the perfect size for little hands. They looked a bit ordinary at first, but with a little red love heart and gold glitter I think they turned out really well! (Tip - have lots of practise tries before you do them on canvas, our got better the more we tried). On the back I included this little poem :)

Little Miss had so much fun doing handprints that we did a few extra pictures. She even tried to paint her own hand with the brush - so cute!

Something special I've made for my Mother-in-Law this year, is a Vistaprint photo mug with both of her grandchildren on it. Was so easy to do, and you can add text or even wrap the photo around the mug. Filled with Nespresso coffee pods, tea bags and choccies I think she'll love it! (Hope she's not reading this lol). I made one for my Father-in Law too last father's day and hubby made one for me for mother's day.

Finally, this isn't a gift (or something your toddler could make but maybe a school age child could help you) but I wanted to include it all the same. Do you keep your old Christmas cards from year to year? I kept last year's with this idea in mind - DIY Christmas Bunting! I suggest you make a template triangle shape first so that all of your flags will be roughly the same size.

I'm hoping to have a few more Christmas ideas on the blog over the next few days. I've been loving my first week of school holidays, and now that hubby is on leave as well things are falling into place.



  1. Ooo definitely saving my cards this year! love the bunting idea 😊 Still being on maternity leave i've only received one so far, so hopefully i can collect enough!

    Miss 20 months and I did two christmas craftf that worked really well.. we made salt dough ornaments -she cut the star shapes out of the dough, trayed them up and when they were cooked glued sequins on them. And we used potatoes to stamp christmas shapes onto butcher's paper to make some cool wrapping paper... just for some more ideas 😊

    1. Thanks for sharing your great ideas Benita! I'm making a mental note to do salt dough stars for our xmas tree next year. xx

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