I've Been Nominated for a Liebster Award!

One of the things I love about the blogging world is that the 'pay it forward' notion is so prevalent. Bloggers help out other bloggers. And that's what the Liebster Award is all about. I was nominated by the lovely Jess over at The New Mum Blog. Jess is a fellow Aussie Parenting Blogger and we found each other via the Facebook group we are apart of. Jess writes all about being mum to her little boy Leo. I loved her incredibly honest post about becoming a parent - The Frightful Ten and another favourite was the humorous The Food's Sometimes Bland But the Company's Not. Thank you for the nomination Jess - here are my answers to your questions.


1. If you had one hour to yourself, no commitments, what would you do for you?

Just one hour? Hmmm, a pedicure following by a bit of shopping if I could squeeze it in. It is pure bliss shopping without a toddler who refuses to sit in her pram!

2. $10,000 is deposited into your account for adventure purposes only, where do you go?

Wow! I would have to say I'd go to Queensland, explore the islands and the reef, go on all the rides at the Gold Coast theme parks. Is this adventurous enough for you Jess?

3. What time do you set your alarm?

On work days, 6:00 am so I have a bit of time to get ready before Miss M wakes up. On non-work days, my body clock alarm usually wakes me up between 6:30 - 7. But I'm an early to bed kind of girl.

4. What book are you reading at the moment? Should I read it?

Gone Girl. Decided to read the book before seeing the movie. And yes you should!

5. One word to describe your personality?


6. Best date you have ever been on?

McLaren Vale (here in SA) with hubby in our very early days (November 2008). We had a great lunch and went to a few wineries. It was kind of the turning point between seeing each other and becoming a couple. 

7. What was your favourite childhood toy?

I had a toy 'Fat Cat'. Does anyone who grew up in the 80s remember him? Do you remember he used to tell all the children to go to bed at 7pm just like the modern day 'Giggle and Hoot'? He went everywhere with me, got left at a variety of places - the fish & chip shop is one I vaguely remember. 

8. What would you rather, coffee, tea or juice?

Coffee with a capital C.O.F.F.E.E. :)

9. What is your favourite CD to drive to?

Snow Patrol - Up To Now. It's their greatest hits album. Love it!

10. What was your greatest achievement of 2014?

I've got three. Raising my daughter the best way I knew how. Successfully returning to work part time and teaching a wonderful class of five year olds. And starting/maintaining this blog teacher types!


I would now like to nominate the following lovely bloggers. I've included a little bio about each :)

Alison - The Way He Plays
You would have probably seen/read about my collaboration with Alison in November last year when we compiled a collection of 20 Busy Bags. Alison's blog is a lovely place of nature play and adventures she has with her son. She is also an Adelaidian blogger like me!

Lauren - Big Shoes to Fill
Another Adelaidian blogger, Lauren writes about fashion food, music, events, books and much more. I loved her "Letter to Adelaide" she included on her about page, and her tag line "A little nook of loveliness" drew me in on my first visit.

Kate - Happy Ella After
I started following Kate early in my blogging days, around about the time she welcomed her son Hudson (she also has a daughter Ella hence her clever little blog name). Kate has a passion for supporting local business, and is also a teacher from Melbourne.

Danielle - The nOATbook
Danielle is a blogger and teacher from Melbourne and writes about food, fitness and family. She has two boys and is passionate about healthy eating and cooking. I found her blog through this post - Is your child ready for school?

Rachel - Stimulating Learning
Rachel's blog would have to be my 'go to' blog for new hands on learning experiences for my class. She has loads of inspirational ideas about a variety of topics, as well as literacy and numeracy. Rachel is from England.

Sue - One Time Through
Sue is also a teacher on leave spending time and blogging about her adventures with her son. I found her via the "Love to Learn Linky" a while back. We started our blogs around about the same time. Sue wrote a fantastic A-Z Character Series last year which I really enjoyed following.


Here are my questions for you ladies, I'm looking forward to reading your answers and getting to know a little more about each of you. 

1. Why do you love blogging?

2. Tell me about your first ever blog post and how does it compare to your writing now?

3. What advice would you give to a blogger starting out?

4. Share below your - all time - favourite photo from your blog.

5. Favourite social media platform?

6. Favourite meal you like to cook? (I'm looking for some delicious inspiration)

7. Favourite childhood movie?

8. Ultimate holiday destination? (Can be somewhere you've already been)

9. One word to sum up 2014?

10. One goal for 2015?


Until next time, thanks for reading.


  1. Thanks Lauren, great answers. Sorry I only gave you an hour free time :)

    1. That's ok Jess! I'll take a hypothetical free hour anytime! ;)

  2. Thanks so much Lauren! It's an honour to be nominated. I think it's absolutely amazing that you're able to balance work life, being a mom and running a blog! Congratulations to you and all the best to you, your family, and to Teacher Types in 2015! Best, Sue

    1. What kind words Sue, thanks so much. And well done to you too on all you have achieved on your blog in 2014 :)


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