Funny Things our Two Year Olds Say | Stories from REAL Mummies

This week I once again asked my March Mummies to help me out with a blog post and share the funny things their two year old says. I must say I giggled through this whole list when I read it on Facebook. Enjoy!

"Of course Mummy!"
"Good choice" (when mum has picked out an outfit)
"Thomas' boobies" (when putting on Mum's breastpads)
"No more poos!"
"Good job Mummy"
"You're welcome Mummy"
"No facebook!"
"Bob the bugger" (aka Bob the Builder)
Mummy: "Watch out for the dog poo" Two year old: "No dog shit!"
"Come on my love"
Regardless of what she did that day, Miss 2 will always say she "went to the park" when asked.
To her toys "Hello! How was your day? Good?"
Nana points to picture: "That's a guinea pig", Miss 2: "It's a hampster actually Nana"
Can you day D? "D!" Can you say O? "O!" Can you say G? "G!" Can you say dog? "Woof!"
"No Mila's not having a shower. Mila had a shower yesterday."
"Mummy go get it. Mummy's got legs."
"My (I've) got a black daddy" (daddy has dark hair)
Mummy: "I love you". Miss 2: "I knoooooow"
Dead bug in the toilet': "Bug doing wee wees in the big toilet! Good boy bug!"
"Thank you very much, it's delish" (when food is served)
"Mum I'm 3 silly"
"What happened?" Complete with shrugged shoulders.
"No bed now mummy, cuddles then nigh nights, I'll tell you"
"Daddy up plane sky work" (Daddy works FIFO)
(Saying goodbye to house, car, playground etc) "Bye, have a lovely day"
"Birdies stop fighting, play nice"
"Pick up please darlin", "go outside darlin"
"Sorry mummy... mummy pretty!"
"C'mon!" Lleyton Hewwit style when wanting cars/people/toys to follow him.
"Nice chopping" (when daddy doing gardening)
Lewis has two dogs; Nero and Luna. He calls her "Luney" and calls Nero "Doggy". Mum tells him his name is Nero. "Ok, bye Luney, bye Doggy". No it's Nero. "Ok doggy"
"Mummy, Daddy look, there's an elephnat" (in the pantry - his excuse to get tiny teddies) 
Mum told Emma to have a big sleep for her Grandma, now every time Grandma is mentioned Emma says "have a biiiiig biiiiig looooong sleep"
Mummy: "Who made this mess?". Miss 2: "Grandma - seriously"

Seriously, some of these need to be written in baby books or recorded to come out at 18th and 21st birthday celebrations. 

Collecting these cute little quotes reminded me of a You Tube series that I love; Convos with my two year old. If you haven't seen them you must check them out - hilarious! And now there are four seasons. 

Convos with my two year old - Season 1

Thanks again to the wonderful March Mummies for helping out and sharing their stories. I have one more post in this series - so stay tuned.

Lauren x


  1. Hahaha, so cute!! I can contribute:
    "Hello, Mum. Nice to see you!"
    "Oh my goodness! Oh my giddy aunt!"
    "Play de iPad? Mum get it"
    and our favourite, during the Bananas in Pyjamas theme song . . .
    [Bananas in Pyjamas, are coming down the stairs] "BE CAREFUL!!"

  2. A lot of laughs here! We keep a record of our little man's classic lines and add them to the back of the photo book I make for him each year.

    1. Fantastic idea Danielle! Thanks for visiting :)

  3. love the bug in the loo one 😃

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