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I'm so thrilled to be kicking off a new series today! I am part of a wonderful online community of mums who all had babies in March 2013. It seriously is a fantastic group, very supportive, kind and friendly (which can be hard to come by within a diverse group of people online). Many of us who live in the same cities have met up in real life and have formed wonderful friendships. We've shared highs and lows, milestones and firsts, tears and tantrums...

There is so much information/advice/ideas out there on the internet - but I wanted to bring my readers a series of posts from REAL mummies who are living with two year olds here and now. I thought I'd start with a funny one...

Most ridiculous (and hilarious) reasons for having a tantrum

  • She no longer want this peanut butter sandwich she asked for
  • Mum took away his melted easter egg
  • He took my own shoes off 
  • These shorts don't have pockets!
  • Mum won't let him wear shoes to bed
  • Because she pulled her pant legs up and now knees were cold
  • Mum won't let her take her pillowcase/sunscreen/pyjamas/spoon to child care
  • "I don't want that yoghurt! Oh wait yes I do!"
  • She wanted a bandaid (mum gave her one 5 minutes earlier)
  • Her arms were cold because she took her jacket off
  • Her hat was covering her eyes because she pulled it down
  • Mum won't let her ride the dog like a horse
  • Mum won't let him leave the house with shoes on the wrong feet
  • He want to eat margarine straight from the tub with a fork
  • He want to put underwear on the dog
  • A pea doesn't fit up his nose and stay there long enough to run around the room
  • When the TV kept turning off but HE was the one with the remote pushing the on/off button
  • Mum was wearing a dressing gown
  • Because shoes don't go on your hands 
  • She wanted her milk cup - which was in her hand.
  • Because mum told him to take his Nanna's heels off
  • Because he couldn't use mum's "eye brush" (mascara)
  • Because he couldn't wear mum's "boo boo jocks" (bra)
  • Getting dressed
  • Coming inside from outside play time
  • Mum ate the last bite of her own cereal
  • No you can't wear socks in the bath
  • We're taking the ute and not the car
  • Because chocolate chip cookies have chocolate chips in them
  • Because the cat scratched him when he tried to use it as a pillow
  • The banana wont go back in the peel
  • Broken bananas don't go back together
  • Mummy was holding Daddy's hand
  • When ANYTHING goes in the microwave

Basically, a two year old reserves the right to change their mind in a split second and a tantrum shall occur if they do not get what they want IMMEDIATELY if not sooner.

Hope you were giggling through this list. If you have something to add please comment below! I'd love to keep the list going.

Thanks again to my wonderful March Mummies who inspired this post. The next instalment in the series are the mummy's tips for handling these tantrums!

Lauren :)

PS if you were wondering - yes one of those tantrums listed above was Miss M. For some strange reason she hates it when I wear a dressing gown or jacket. I think it's because she prefers to be cool than warm - maybe she thinks I must feel the same as her! Two year olds don't understand that other people have thoughts and feelings different to their own. 

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  1. Oh yes, with a 3.5 year old and a 20 month old I've experienced (and am experiencing) my fair share of tantrums! Today we've had melt-downs because the toast was hot, then because it was cold. Then because the milk was in the wrong colour cup. Then because the Coles delivery man rang the doorbell. Then because the Coles delivery man left... It's only 9:30am!!! I'm exhausted!!

    1. Wow! What a morning Mumma McD! It's like walking on egg shells sometimes isn't it. Hope your day gets better.

  2. Oh yep, i can relate. How about a tanty because she needed to wee but didn't want to get out of bed to do it, protested and squealed all the way to the potty, let loose an enormous wee and then complained because she wanted the toilet- not the potty???

    1. We haven't started toilet training yet Amy...but thanks for adding to our list!

  3. Hee hee they're funny little creatures aren't they? My twins aren't really at tantrums stage yet but when they get really frustrated, they kneel down on the floor and bang their heads, which I think is hilarious!

    1. Ah yes the head banging, I went through that stage as well with Miss M.

  4. Aren't two year olds hilarious? Their view of the world is quite magical really when you're not dealing with the tantrum.

    1. Absolutely right Jess! It's one extreme or another sometimes! Thanks for visiting :)

  5. Oh yes! This is hilarious (because I'm not dealing with them in person!). I have my own share of tantrums over nothing from miss 3. Mostly when someone presses the button in the elevator before she does, and she sobs like her heart has been broken. Sigh.

    1. I hope they get better when they're 3 Christine!

  6. Every other day one of my kids turns down something I JUST MADE specifically for them. Thanks for posting. Hello from Weekly Wrap Up.

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