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Little Miss M (2 years old) absolutely loves doing art and craft activities at the moment. So often I'll ask her "What would you like to do today?" she replies with "Do some art!" (or whenever I ask "Where should we go today?" she always says "Park"). Anyway, I was lucky enough to be contacted by CleverPatch who sent me a box of art & craft goodies to try out. Miss M and I had lots of fun working our way through the activities.

{This is not a sponsored post, however I was given these products free of charge, and it was my choice to turn it into a blog post to give my readers some art & craft inspiration.}

So this is what we've been up to!

Wooden Key holder

We painted and decorated this one with our own materials. 

Decorate a Coffee Cup

(with glass & porcelain markers - all you do is bake in the oven for 90 mins to set the colour)
Would make a great mother's day gift!

Super Silky Twists

These are my new favourite art material! The are like a crayon + pastel + water colour paint all in one! So gorgeous to draw with.


As well as the usual art & craft supplies you'd find anywhere, the great thing with CleverPatch is the "Clever Kits". Individually packaged little kits contain instructions and all the materials you need to create something special (no more no less). So instead of buying entire packets of beads, glitter etc - you are given just the right about to create your masterpiece! I must remember this when it comes to Christmas time for my class!

Here are some things we made from the "Clever Kits"

Foam Flower Photo Frame Magnet

Bead Bookworm

More suitable for older children, perhaps 8 years and above if they were asked to do it independently.

Sun Catcher

As above - suitable for older children. But Miss M still enjoyed sitting with me and handed me the beads and mirrors.


CleverPatch also has a beautiful range called "Naturals". I loved so many of the things in this catalogue! On my wish list is the branch balls, skeleton leaves, cardboard birds and the little wooden trees.

Thanks again CleverPatch!

Lauren :)

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  1. Nice one, Lauren! How fun was it receiving such an awesome box of goodies?


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