Does your toddler ... ?

Ever find your self talking to your mummy/daddy friends of children the same age as yours, sharing stories of their latest antics, venting your frustrations, only to discover your friend says "Mine does that too!". "What a relief! It's not just me" you think to yourself.

That's the idea behind today's post. I'm hoping I can share some reassurance if your toddler exhibits some of the similar behaviours as mine - and some of you might even be able to return the favour.

  • Does your toddler dislike being rugged up warm and refuses to wear jackets outside on cold days no matter how hard you try and bargain with them? Mine does.
  • Is your toddler fussy with what he/she wears? Does your toddler only like to wear their old, comfy, daggy clothes and refuses to wear anything new - even if he/she picked it out at the shop themselves! Mine does.
  • Does your toddler insist the tags be cut off every item of clothing? Mine does.
  • Does your toddler have trouble sharing? Mine does.
  • Is your toddler shy and mummy clingy? Mine is.
  • Does your toddler despise hair washing time? Mine does.
  • Does your (girl) toddler refuse to let you put anything in her hair? Ties, clips, headbands? Mine does.
  • Does your toddler still sleep in a cot and had dummies for sleep time? Mine does.
  • Is your toddler still in nappies? Mine is.
  • Has your toddler dropped their day nap? Mine has.
  • Does your toddler ask to do 'art' all - the - time? Mine does.
  • Does your toddler still cry at the child care drop off? Mine does.
  • Is your toddler amazing, smart, clever and the apple of your eye?

Mine is.

Lauren x


  1. Loved this!! Thank you x

  2. Thank you thank you thank you, Lauren. My 2-and-a-bit toddler is refusing to give up dummies (trying desperately to minimise out in public usage), still in nappies with only moderate interest in the potty, wigs out when it's time to wash hair, doesn't much care for having it styled either and still varies between trembling bottom lip and full scale conniptions on day care drop off. Thank god I'm not alone.

    1. Oh and also amazing, smart and clever!!

    2. That was just the kind of response I was hoping to get Beth! Toddlers can be so frustrating - but it's nice to know that others share your frustrations :)

  3. I can relate to many of these already :)
    I love your blog Lauren!!!

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