How to make the perfect Rainbow Rice

Today's prompt for 'Blog every day in May' is a 'How to' post.

The other day Miss M helped me to make the most beautiful rainbow rice. There are a few different methods out there - but I've found one that lasts for ages, won't stain hands and doesn't smell.

The secret is hand sanitiser.

First put your rice in a zip lock bag, add your food colouring (the more colouring the brighter the colour will be). You'll notice my green is quite light and blue is quite dark. Add a little squeeze of liquid hand sanitiser and shake the bag around (this is where your toddler can help). Leave to dry on a paper towel for about an hour and then it's ready to play with.

I kid you not, this kept Miss M busy for ages. She loved mixing all the colours and then experimenting with different scooping and pouring equipment. 

Why not give this one a try?

Let me know if you do.
Lauren x


  1. I have tried this technique with pasta to make necklaces but I think I am going to try this too. Love it!

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