What's a 'Quiet Box'?

Pretty much all year long, Miss M has been inconsistent with her day naps. It was shortly after her 2nd birthday when (after much persistence) I gave up all together. Recently, she's figured out that if her dummies are in her cot, she'd like to go in her cot as well to play or have 'rest time', and will occasionally even nod off (which is fine by me). So I threw together this quiet box to give her another option during the day if she doesn't have a nap.

When putting together a quiet box of your own, here are some things to keep in mind;

  • The toys and materials should be safe for the child to play unsupervised
  • They should be able to play with them independently without any help
  • They should be quiet, nothing with batteries that plays music or makes noise.
  • Change it up every now and again to keep in interesting and inviting.

So this is what we included...

  • Simple board books
  • Mini magnadodle
  • Peppa Pig dressing game
  • Fuzzy felts
  • Blankie & soft toy
  • Mirror
  • Pretty ball
  • Slinky
  • 'Viewtainer' with pop sticks
  • Discovery bottles / glitter bottles
Well Miss M is starting to come down with a cold at the moment, so she is in her cot as I type. Not asleep just yet, I hear a few coughs, but no crying. Fingers crossed she has a nap or at least a little rest.

Lauren :)


  1. What a good idea. Ariel can get tired playing by herself at daycare apparently but I have to breastfeed her to get any afternoon naps.i might try a quiet bi for the cot :)

  2. These are great! I'll be including some of these things in some activity boxes for my 2 year old so I can have some work time.

    1. Thanks Amy! It has worked well for us - although I'm always changing what's in there based on what Miss M is interested in :)

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