Inside Out - Review + Resources

Yes yes, I know I'm quite late to the 'Inside Out' party - but I couldn't help but share the fantastic resources I found to support the movie, which I took my students to this week.

If you haven't heard of the movie - where have you been? But anyway, it's all about the emotions of a young girl and the inner workings of her mind and emotions. I cannot explain how cleverly it was done; core memories, the train of thought, imaginary friends and more... My students have had some fantastic and insightful follow up discussions since seeing the movie. It's not often you come across a movie that can have so many educational benefits.

From TpT, I found the following fantastic resources (click the link to visit the store)

Inside Out Feelings Cue Cards & Posters - by Teaching with Balls

Inside Feelings Puzzle - by The Helpful Counselor

Inside Feelings Mini-Book - also by The Helpful Counselor

Inside Out Word Search - by Reflective Practice

And here are a few freebies I found!

Emotions Sorting Game

I loved the movie just as much as the students. I think this will be one of those films that many children will be enjoying for years (and maybe even generations) to come!

Well done Disney Pixar!

Lauren :)

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