Too Busy Sleeping {Book Review}

I was thrilled to be sent a copy of Too Busy Sleeping by Zanni Lousie recently as it's the perfect book to read to Miss M in preparation for our new baby to arrive in a few months. My heart melted as I read it to her an imagined how much our life is going to change when this bundle joins our family. I had forgotten that newborns really do sleep a lot! Miss M is right into 'dolly' imaginative play right now, and I think she'll make a wonderful big sister.

Too Busy Sleeping follows a predictable and easy to follow story line - perfect for young children (my two year old even joins in with the line "too busy sleeping"...). Big sister Eleanor is eager to play with her brand new baby brother Reuben on the day he arrives home, but he is always "too busy sleeping". When Eleanor finally goes get to play with Reuben, it's the perfect visual way to demonstrate to toddlers how to be gentle with a new baby. I won't give away the sweet as pie ending, but it makes it the perfect bed time book! Miss M asks for it all the time :)

The illustrations by Anna Pignataro marry the text beautifully with a lovely combination of water colours and collage effects.

If you're expecting bubba number two like we are this book would be perfect for you! But still an equally enjoyable story for all children aged 0-5 years. It would also make a fantastic big brother / big sister gift which is always a nice thing to do so they feel special and it's not just the new baby being spoilt with gifts. I'm planning to have this one in the hospital bag with some other fun activities for Miss M when she comes to visit us.


You can find Zanni on Facebook here
And her website is here where you can find a link to purchase the book (the book officially launches on September 1st, so keep an eye out at book shops!).

Zanni also has a delightful blog My Little Sunshine House and I loved these posts...

How to Make a Tiny Book (with a single sheet of paper - I made these with my kids for Book Week!)




  1. Gorgeous review! Thank you so much for sharing! :) Good luck with your new bubby!

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