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It's interview time again! Ah I love the kindness of the blogging world - and it's been so nice to welcome some lovely bloggers to share their stories and words of wisdom. Today we welcome Beth from Almost Posh. Fashion is one thing I haven't included on my blog before, so Beth's here to help us (I mean me) out! She has a daughter the same age as Miss M, is also from Adelaide and loves op-shopping!

Hi Beth!! 


Have you always been an Adelaide girl? What do you love about Adelaide?

No, I’m actually from the country originally! Born in Port Augusta, I lived in Wirrabara and Gladstone in the mid-north of South Australia as a teen, then South Hedland in WA, Melbourne for few years and finally to Adelaide where I’ve been living since 2002. I love the compactness of Adelaide, the lower cost of living and the fact that I can live in a decent suburb less than 30 minutes from the city, beach and Barossa without having to sell my organs. The city is definitely getting more and more lively with new laneway bars and restaurants popping up every week and lots of interesting events happening. We just need a few of the international stores to pop up here (I’m looking at you, Sephora) and we’ll be golden.

Favourite kid friendly café/restaurant you can recommend?

There’s one near my place in Redwood Park called Soul Food Espresso. It has a gated toy area, loads of high chairs and is very kid-friendly. I always feel happier taking Miss L somewhere where a bit of noise isn’t going to cause a scene! They also do nice food which is obviously a plus. So many kid-friendly places are offset by rubbish food.

Tell us a bit about Miss L? What activities/toys does she love at the moment?

Gladly  She’s a chatty 2.5 year old with a large vocabulary, cheeky sense of humour and a strong will. She loves books, blocks, drawing, finding pairs in card games, the playground, swimming and making up her own games where she reenacts activities of the day with her toys. Currently she’s also enjoying Charlie & Lola, Bing, Sarah & Duck, Timmy Time and Pocoyo on the ABC 4 Kids iView app on the iPad.

Beth's Quote "Parent of the year" ;)

I was hoping you might share with us one or two ‘go-to’ mum comfy (but still a bit fashionable) outfits? I’m sure many of us mums just have the throw something together and try and wrangle a couple of kids out the door and head off for the day. 

No worries! Ain’t nobody got time for getting fancy on those mum work days, it’s way too hard to push a trolley in heels.

My go-to outfits in this kind of weather are

  1. A pair of pull-on print pants (elastic waist, I know you’re feeling me!), a plain tee and a pair of easy and comfortable flats. Throw a scarf or necklace on (dependent on the age of your kids as to practicality) to jazz it up a bit as required and you are good to go and 
  2. Jeans (high, comfortable waist, stretch), striped tee and white Converse.
And a ponytail. Always with the ponytail.

Favourite clothing shop?

I am all about the bargain so it’s hard to go past Savers and other op shops. I’m also quite fond of Kmart.

Tell us about some of the trendy (is trendy still a world?!? lol) fashion events you’ve attended recently?

Haha! We say “on trend” now, don’t you know. I was lucky enough to get media accreditation for the Adelaide Fashion Festival this year. I got to see a number of spectacular runway shows, take pics and write about them on Almost Posh. I also got to participate in the Blogger Style Challenge where I got to wear actual designer outfits and take photos in them, so much fun!

Tea or Coffee?

Both, really, depending on my mood! I usually like a coffee in the morning but a good cup of strong tea always hits the spot. Also like the occasional  peppermint tea to shake it up a bit.

Favourite bloggers?

I have loads but here are some very select highlights in random order . . .
Away From Blue, Beachstyle Mum, Fabulous and Fun Life, Fashionista In Suburbia, Faux Fuchsia, Kimba Likes, Smaggle, Sonia Styling, Styling Curvy, Styling You, Teacher Types (obvs), The Annoyed Thyroid, Eenie Meenie Miney Mum, Flat Bum Mum, Hair Romance, Handbag Mafia, Live Believe Relax, Loveface Beauty, Love That Lippie, Style and Shenanigans, The Fashionable Mum, The Illusive Femme, The Thud, The Style Within, Zo They Say

A mix of fashion, style, beauty, parenting real-talk and Important Issues which is pretty much how I roll.

Can you share your most popular post?

According to my analytics, my most popular post is this Throwback Thursday number that has been attacked by spambots but taking that out, I think it’s this one. About feet. Nice.

Favourite quote?


You can find Beth here, here, here, here and here!

Thanks so much for your time Beth! Let's have a play date soon at Soul Food! :)


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