The Blogger Behind Finlee and Me {Welcome Angela}

I'm proud to be a brand rep for a fantastic Australian online kids/baby product store Finlee and Me. I genuinely believe that the products on offer are unique, high quality, educational, encourage imaginative play, and above all, aren't available in regular shops. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see that I regularly share some of the products we were lucky enough to be gifted, and we even do the occasional giveaway!

Welcome Angela – and thanks so much for helping me out with an interview post while I’m busy settling into life with my 2 little cherubs!


1. So I know you are from Canada, but when did you come to Australia?

I came to Australia in 1997 for my high school graduation trip; was only a short trip. Then I came back in 2002-2003 where I completed my Masters of Social Work. Then married my husband who is Austrlian in 2005 and we moved back in 2006 and have been here since.

2. What’s a highlight of living in Brisbane? Best kid friendly outing recommendation?

We love the community vibe in Brisbane. There are always a variety of kids activities from connecting with nature, going to a museum, having a picnic in the park; we’re truly blessed. In addition, we’re only an hour north or south from some of the finest beaches in Australia.

3. Tell us about Finlee and Chloe. What activities/toys are they loving at the moment?

Finlee and Chloe are currently in love with Bobo our Elf in the Shelf. Bobo has been with us now for the 3rd year running. He arrives on or around December 1st and the kids love him. They ask for him through out the year, tell me all the time how they miss him; he truly is part of our family. Finlee and Chloe are also into arts and crafts. From drawing, to painting to collecting leaves in the backyard to get creative.

4. How did you find Finlee’s first year of school?

Finlee had a great year. Everything is captured in a recent blog post here.

5. What can parents shopping online expect to find at Finlee and Me?

Our focus as Finlee and Me is simple… to create childhood memories through play. We source quality products from around the world that encourage children of all ages to play, connect with nature, nurture their imagination and through play create childhood memories.

6. Best selling product?

Magnatiles are such a fantastic education product - ideal for home or school. Beautiful colours, easy to use, these tiles connect along the edges and can be used to create fun 2D and 3D shapes.

7. What does a typical ‘day in the life of Angela, Finlee & Chloe’ look like?

A lot of people don’t know that I also work full time for the government in mental health. So Finlee is in school Monday-Friday, Chloe is in daycare Monday-Wednesday and then Dale is with Chloe on Thursday and I’m with her on Friday. I believe that quality time is more important then qanitity of time. Therefore, when we get the kids afterschool/daycare we try to ensure we’re off our phones and computers and focus on them. During the weekends, sometimes we’ll stay home and just be a family and regroup, while other times we’re off to birthday parties or different family activities.

8. What does 2016 have in store for Finlee and Me? Any big plans?

We have so many exciting plans for 2016!! We’ll be focusing on collaborating with some wonderful Australian, child-friendly/child focused businesses to bring our fans/followers/readers some exciting opportunities. In addition, we’ll be focusing on increasing our blog so that parents have a wonderful place to turn to when they need support, need a laugh or want to know they’re not alone. We’ll also be looking at sourcing some new product lines that will go great with our creating childhood memories through play.

9. Favourite quote to finish?


You can find Finlee and Me here on social media

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