Lovely Laurens {Mini Interviews}

Hi I'm Lauren! (In case you're new, or you've followed me for a while but never actually knew my name LOL). There are a few other Laurens in amongst our awesome community of Aussie Parenting Bloggers, and one day when I was pondering blog post ideas, I thought of chatting with a few of them to create a mini interview post. And so that's where we are today!

Firstly is Lauren - The Thud. 

I adore Lauren for many reasons... mostly her sense of humour when it comes to all things parenting! Her boy 'The Thud' is a little younger than Miss M, and her daughter 'Pop' is only 2 weeks older than my Little Man, so we shared many of the same feels and struggles in our 2nd pregnancies. Lauren has just started podcasting and she and Jodie are a bucket of fun to tune in to. Oh and not to mention she won the Kidspot Voice of 2015!! If you love a good laugh, you'll love her blog.

Can you share a favourite or popular post from your blog?

With a newborn baby, I’m back in sleep deprived hell so this post is my life right now - Ten Enemies of the Sleeping Baby

What activities does Thud enjoy at the moment?

Thud is two and a half so he enjoys doing anything he shouldn’t be doing. Climbing to precarious heights, finding and deploying dangerous objects, wielding permanent markers... he’s a risk taker. He’s especially fond of his bike right now. He taught himself to ride it. I’m slightly terrified about what the future holds for us. 

Funny parenting story?

My life is one long, funny parenting story. Or tragedy, I can’t tell.  Right now, if you could watch what happens when we try to leave the house, you’d be in stitches. It’s like a Benny Hill skit, involving chases, bodily fluids and serious injuries. Every time I think we are finally ready to get in the car, someone shits themselves or someone disappears or someone is suddenly nude or someone bursts into tears (usually me).  And that’s before we get to the car and have the long-running argument over who is going to drive. I swear one day I’m going to hand him the keys and tell him to keep it below 60.

Favourite quote?

My most frequently repeated quote is “this too will pass” – said as I hide in the pantry and eat biscuits. 
But my favourite quote is “You wouldn’t worry about what others think of you if only you realised how seldom they do” – Eleanor Roosevelt. A great reminder to stop obsessing about yourself and just get on with shit.


Lauren - Canberra Mummy

I first came across Lauren when she put the call out for bloggers to review her ebook OMG I'm Pregnant! (Click here to read mine). She's also a mother of two and writes with honesty and positivity about parenting.

Funny parenting moment?

(Since becoming a mother of two) these occur regularly when my baby daughter laughs at everything her older brother does. It is amazing to watch the two interact at such young ages, and the joy they bring to each other's lives.

What do you love about Canberra?

Canberra is awesome because it is one of the most family friendly places in Australia.  There are beautiful parks and lakes to walk around, lots of free family events held most weekends, and there is a real sisterhood of parenting that you can only find in smaller communities such as Canberra.

A popular post?

My most popular article I wrote at 5am in the morning after doing a night feed for my eldest. He was only a newborn at the time. So many of my friends warned me of the night time feeds, but you know what, I loved them. They were very special and private moments between bub and me. - Why I'm happy my baby doesn't sleep through the night.

Favourite quote?

My favourite quote is by Toni Morrison, "“If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
I took this quote literally and it is the reason why I created my blog. I wanted to write about parenting and share my wisdom with other mums. I also wanted to reframe negative view of parenting into positive ones, hence my article about enjoying night time feeds.


Lauren - Life at number Five

Lauren is a stylish blogger, wife and mum who's always sharing her 'everyday style' over on Instagram. I followed her before she had her daughter Grace, and it's been lovely to see her grow over the past few months!

Tell us about your little Grace...

Oh, where to start! I think I could talk about her for hours, but I’ll try to restrain myself! Grace is just the most beautiful, happy, chilled out little baby. It’s such a joy to be her mum. She has crazy amounts of beautiful blonde hair, the most squishable marshmallow thighs and she is obsessed with sticking her tongue out! I’m very lucky that she’s a great little sleeper at night, we’re still working on her day sleeps though! She just makes life so enjoyable and makes me laugh every day.

Funny parenting moment?

There are so many! Grace is a seriously hilarious baby. One of the most recent ones was at mothers group when we had someone come talk to us about sleep and settling. Grace literally sat on the floor staring at the woman talking about sleep like the most attentive little student, it was super adorable. The best part was that when we came home from mothers group she had a 2.5 hour nap, which is super unusual for her, so clearly she was paying attention! 

A favourite/popular blog post?

My most popular post on the blog is '21 awesome uses for the Raskog cart from Ikea’ – people just love it! My personal favourite post would probably be Grace’s birth story [part 1 and part 2] for sentimental reasons. It’s nice to have a record of what happened, especially as my memories of the details are already fading a bit!

Favourite quote?

I’m so bad at picking favourites! I change my mind a lot about what my favourite quote is, but at the moment it’s a quote from Roald Dahl – "If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” I just think it’s such a good reminder that your thoughts and your outlook can have such a big impact. Especially important as a mum!! 


Finally, Lauren - Create Bake Make

Cooking is not something I'm good at - that's why mums like me need awesome foodie bloggers to follow! Enter Lauren from Create Bake Make! Not only does she share great recipes, but the highs and sometimes heartbreaking lows about motherhood, babies and kids.

You have so many delicious recipes on your blog! Would you mind sharing one savoury and one sweet?

It's so hard to just choose two!  My Cheese and Bacon Cobb Loaf is one of my favourites and very popular, and it's easy to see why!  When it comes to sweet treats, my 4 Ingredient Maltesers and Mars Bar Fudge is another favourite too, it's pretty rich but soooo good!

How old are your boys and what activities do they love?

Our boys are 4 and almost 3 with baby number #3 due in July.  They really are stereotypical boys and love all things trucks, cars, trains and construction but also enjoy 'helping' me in the kitchen and having fun 'making' with paints, crayons and ALWAYS glitter!

How many coffees a day and how do you take it?

While I'm pregnant I stick to one decaf coffee a day but usually I'm a two - three a day girl.  I like to keep it simple, flat whites all the way except when it's hot I indulge in an iced latte - yum!

Favourite quote?

'Cake is the answer no matter the question'


Thank you lovely Laurens!
Hope my readers have found a few new great blogs to follow...


  1. So many great Lauren blogs to follow!

  2. I follow all these Lauren's already {that was a bit of a tongue twister}. I love Lauren from the Thud's sense of humour and Lauren from Create Bake Make always makes me want to cook everything she posts.


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