6 Beautiful Books for Mother's Day (+Activity Ideas)

Mother's Day is such a special time to spend with your little ones curled up reading a story. Here are 6 of my favourites that I'm sure we'll be enjoying this Sunday! (And Dad's they'd make a great gift too!)

My Mums’ the Best - Rosie Smith & Bruce Whatley

First up, a lovely starting point to talk about mums, Mother's day and the special things that mum does with you. Find some cute animal pictures to colour in for Mother’s Day as a follow up activity to this super cute book.

Why I love My Mummy - Daniel Howarth

I always use this one at school in the lead up to Mother's Day as a writing prompt. Each page is a different reason why I love my mummy. Children can choose an idea from the book or come up with their own. Use this book as inspiration for the kids to write their own Mother's Day card (or get Dad to write it for them!)

Mummy You’re Special to me - Laine Mitchell & Kim Fleming

This one as HEAPS of good activity ideas. Go play in the garden or build a sand castle. A reminder to little ones of how special mummies are. (I got this one for Mother's Day last year).

I love my mum  - Anna Walker

I absolutely adore the "Ollie" books, and this one is no except. We read it all the time! It's lovely and simple for youngsters and the illustrations are whimsical. Help your child to draw a 'day in the life' picture of all the things they do with their mum. Make butterflies, play hide and seek and enjoy milkshake just like Ollie and his mum do!

Mummy’s Kisses - Paula Clark & Lisa Stewart

This one has a lovely message and is perfect bed time story. It teaches children that Mummy’s kisses give you the confidence to go and try new things, make a friend, be brave.

Some Mums - Nick Bland

My favourite out of this selection by a fantastic author. It's a great book about diversity and how all mums are different. A really good one to discuss opposites and rhyming concepts.


Mums, if you're wanting to give a gift to your child's Nanna or Grandma, keep a look out for some similar books about them for your child to give. And let Dad know that books about Mums are on your wish list this Mother's Day!

Lauren xx

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