5 SA Biz Ladies you need to LOVE! #shopsmall

Something I'm really passionate about here at Teacher Types is providing a platform for local, small biz ladies to share their stories, products and services with my audience. I only ever share those that I absolutely LOVE myself and would recommend to friends. I think the #shopsmall & #shoplocal movement is really taking off as are market days, Instagram stores and handmade goodies.

So today, please allow me to introduce some special people...
{not sponsored just sharing the love}

Starting off with Renee from Mama & Bump

I was so lucky to have Renee take care of me throughout my pregnancy - when you feel like a whale and struggle to get comfortable, having a massage might be the only chance you get to relax. And it made such a difference to my sleep and how I felt overall. Renee is specially trained in pregnancy massage, but you don't have to be pregnant to see her! Based in Highbury, she has the cutest little shop with gorgeous gifts and goodies for mama's and little ones. Check out my beautiful teething necklace and teething toy for the little man.

Fun Prints for Kids - Sarah Tamblyn Designs

These two amazing prints are proudly displayed in Miss M's bedroom (the theme evolved from birds to rainbows when she upgraded to a big girl bed!). Sarah's unique prints are created by a painted collage technique, are then professionally protographed and printed on high quality satin paper. She also creates gift cards as well. Sarah's a teacher type like me, and her two boys keep her busy!

Say Hello to Johanna from Hello.Pear

I've recently become a brand rep for Hello Pear and I couldn't be happier! Her handmade wooden alphablocks and dominoes are just fantastic and so fun to play with. They are also beautiful for nursery decor - you'll want to have them on display rather than packed away. Johanna's online store is currently closed - but she'll letting everyone know on Instagram when new stock is available!

Meet Heather - Little Green Crafts

Heather's mission is to create an online store to provide parents and carers access to a range of craft materials to encourage little one's creativity, whilst considering the impact of the world around them. The products she offers include crayons, paints and pencils, Playmais, gardening kits, craft kits, felt balls and more. You'll find Heather at lots of the local markets around Adelaide, Flinders Street and Lollipop, just to name a few.

Suze & Laura are the Teacher Types behind Invitation to Play

Suze and Laura are teacher/mumma's and professional play makers! You probably read my recent review of their flower themed play dough kit, but they have so many more fantastic products; treasure baskets for babies, tinker trays, rainbow rice kits and natural material threading packs. Their packs are beautifully presented and put together with care and attention to detail. Such a brilliant idea ladies! You are so owning it ladies!!

If you're a brilliant local SA business and you'd like to get in touch - please leave your details below or flick me and email at teachertypes@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you and see if we can work together!

Lauren xx

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