The Magical, Enchanting Disney on Ice Experience

Yesterday would have to have been a highlight of Miss M's childhood. We went to Disney on Ice and it was AMAZING!

In her typical signature style, she was beyond excited the night before, all morning at home, talked to her Nanna on the phone to tell her she was excited, excited in the car...and then the shy little thing shrunk back inside herself with the overwhelming sense of the massive event. The beyond imaginable large Adelaide Entertainment centre, all the people, all the steps to climb and all the ice was a lot to take in. She sat quietly, watched, observed and took it all in. She isn't one to sing, dance and join in {unless she's at home}, but I watched her watching the performance and could tell how much she was captivated by it.

I've always loved going to see the performances at the theatre. These are really fond memories of my childhood with my Nana and I hope they will be for Miss M as well. Disney on Ice was certainly a memorable one.

We begin being reunited with the old classics Mickey and Minnie Mouse who host the show and introduce the first story - The Little Mermaid. "Under the Sea" was beautifully done and we were so impressed with Ariel's aerial skills and ice skating tricks.

Next up was Rapunzel from Tangled, and this was probably the story that we knew the least well. {I did show Miss M a few YouTube vids the days leading up to it so she was at least a bit familiar with them}. Still enjoyable of course, and the lanterns were a highlight.

Little ones can get quite wriggly and fidgety during performances, so we welcomed intermission and got a Frozen snow cone - which was just what Miss M needed to crunch on and keep her settled during the rest of the performance. She says that The Beast from Beauty and the Beast was her favourite part, and she was singing the theme song all the way home.

Of course, every little girl's favourite movie right now is Frozen - honestly I think they could make the ENTIRE show just one big Frozen recreation and there would be an audience full of happy customers. It was brilliantly retold and such a joy to witness {and I can see why they saved the best til last}

I'm so glad we went along to Disney on Ice this year, 3 was the ideal age I reckon. Before bed, we showed Daddy the video I took of "Let it Go" - and that's when she decided to have a dance around the lounge room.

L xx

The Adelaide Entertainment Centre is just so pretty...
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  1. I really wanted to take Miss L to this - she's such a big Frozen fan - but we just ran out of time. She is keen for the circus at Golden Grove though, so I've been holding that out as a handy behaviour incentive!

    1. We drove past that the other day - Miss M was intrigued as to what it was (then I reminded her of a Peppa Pig episode to explain it LOL!)
      Think she'd like the circus too xx

  2. Looks like an awesome day! I would love to go to one of these events.


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