Beautiful Baby Sensory Classes {Review}

I think Little Man is suffering from second child syndrome... He gets carted along with Miss M to her activities like kindergym, the park or the shops and just happily hangs out in his pram. When she was his age she was already doing swimming, baby time at the library, mother's group etc... So I was really excited to take my little man along to try a Baby Sensory class last week! Miss M was at child care so it was the perfect opportunity for him and I to have some special time together.

Getting started

Cathy, the lovely instructor welcomed us all with the signature "Say hello" song, complete with baby sign language! It was great that she had a doll to demonstrate on so newbies like me who didn't know what they were doing could copy and follow along. The songs really encourage parents to get close to their babies, make eye contact, touch, tickle, play and laugh - and this is what the whole class is about. Cathy was really informative, telling us how we were benefitting our baby's development.

Checking out the other babies
Little Man!

The atmosphere of the class was really calming and relaxing, and all the babies seemed happy - there was hardly any crying. They were so engaged in what was happening, and the loved checking each other out.

After some songs the it was time for baby play! There were lots of lovely things set out for the babies to explore - all carefully chosen and perfect for this age group. Some babies were mobile, and some where happy just to sit and play.

Exploratory play time!
What a little cutie!
Mums & Dads chatting and babies playing

Class sizes are usually around 15 babies, which is about what you see here. But it didn't feel too crowded and there was enough room for everyone. Some classes run just for under 6 month olds, and this one was for those over 6 months.

After play time we came back to the mat for a few more songs. Each week the songs are different, sometimes with props like bells that we used or sometimes the parent is the best prop of all! My favourite part (that I didn't get a photo of because I was enjoying it too much) was when we all walked around singing "The Grand Old Duke of York" lifting our babies up and dipping them down. What a workout!!

What a clever girl already standing up!
Goodbye song!

Ok check out that smile! :) Little Man was loving the goodbye song with all the waving and he was just beaming, smiling and giggling at Cathy - I couldn't resist sneaking around to the front to get this pic of him! This pretty much sums up how much fun he had.

For all the details you need to know to find a class near you - visit the Baby Sensory website of you can find them here on Facebook (SA) and here on Instagram. Classes run as school terms.

Thank you Cathy and parents at this class for inviting us along and for giving permission for these photographs to be taken and shared on Teacher Types blog. 

Lauren xx

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