Book Week Book Review #1 {The Day You Came Into The World}

It's Book Week! Hooray! I miss being in the classroom at this exciting time in Term 3, so I thought I'd share a couple of book reviews this week. This first one, The Day You Came Into The World by Frances Lalor is perfect for young children, toddlers, babies and new parents (it would also make the perfect baby shower or newborn baby arrival gift - I have a friend due in a few months and I'm planning to get her a copy).

It's a very simple story about the everyday things that happened on the day the baby was born. I really like how it doesn't matter which type of delivery you had - the book is not specific either way. Newborn parent's feelings are captured perfectly; they are very tired and haven't eaten much. The illustrations are scratchy and scribbly but that totally suits the simple sentences on each page. The little bubba is just gorgeous your heart will melt.


It made me reflect on the day that my babies were born and how different they were. Miss M was born late on a Friday night (unplanned caesarean), and we spent most of the day at the hospital waiting and waiting for her to make her entrance into the world. And oh boy were we tired afterwards. I really missed out on those first day cuddles. Whereas with the Little Man, we had his birth all planned. The morning of was organised, calm, relaxed and exciting. (I wrote about it here).

Here's what Miss M had to say about the book;

  • I really like it, can we read it again cos I really liked it?
  • What did you like about it? Because it was about a born baby.
  • Did the doctor give it to it's mummy? The daddy is holding the baby while the mummy sleeps. I like that part.
  • What's your favourite page? The baby. Because it's a picture of the baby. Let me see the pictures again.
  • Look what I did! Back to the start. Where did you find this book? I like it. Can we keep it?

Another lovely little touch is that you can fill in your baby's arrival details, measurements, etc on the back page as an extra special keepsake. The books arrive so lovingly wrapped - with matching ribbon. This attention to detail deserves it's own photo.

You can purchase the book here - and I must mention that 20% of all profits go to to Children's Hospital Foundations across Australia, which is such a beautiful gesture from the author Frances.

You can also find what's happening with this gorgeous book here Facebook or Instagram.
This book was kindly gifted for the purpose of this review.


Let's chat! Tell me about the day your baby came into the world xx


  1. What a beautiful book and one that has obviously captured a child's imagination. #teamIBOT

  2. Gorgeous. My Baby obsessed toddler would love it!

  3. Oh so beautiful. Jules will love that book, he is obsessed with babies πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ

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