Bridge to Learn Educational Resources {Product Review}

It's always a joy to find and a pleasure to share educational resources that parents can use at home to help their children with early learning. Just a short scroll through my blog and you'll find some of my previous educational product reviews...

Bridge to Learn is a fun and engaging learning program targeted at children from birth to 8 years comprising of a series of storybooks, toy kits and learning books. The main character 'Ollie the Octopus' seems to always be off on new adventures with his sea creature friends. Key concepts such as shapes, numbers, colours and beginning sounds are introduced to the learner and woven through the 'under the sea' theme. The resources are developed, made and printed in Australia and aligned with the Australian Curriculum and Early Learning Years Framework which gets a tick from me!

So we were sent the purple set of storybooks to explore (gifted for the purpose of this review) which is labelled as 'Stage 2' - ideal for Miss M (3.5 years of age). Here's just one page sample from each of the books...

  • Top Left - Shapes, Numbers and Sound Awareness
    • We learn about the features of a triangle and the colour green, count three dolphins while discussing "d is for dolphin" - the alliteration is great in this story.
  • Top Right - The Body and Senses
    • Ollie's human friends Mandy and Andy label body parts and identify their senses. They then compare their similarties and differences to Ollie.
  • Bottom Left - Farm and Wild Animals
    • Children explore a variety of animals and some key facts about each.
  • Bottom Right - Colours and Pattern Awareness
    • These two early learning concepts compliment each other perfectly in this story as the colours of the sea creatures are identified as all as the patterns of their habitats.
  • Each storybooks concludes with a poem to revise the concepts explored in the book. Children naturally love listening to the 'sing-song' style of rhymes and poems.

The author of Bridge to Learn, Julie is a mother of three, and teacher who began her career in South Africa, teaching a variety of year levels in a variety of schools. She and her family later came to Australia where she continued teaching and established Bridge to Learn.

"By creating Bridge to Learn I envisage that the child, parent and teacher triangle will be strengthened."       - Author, Julie Stuart

Educating a child is certainly a partnership. A parent is a child's first teacher and when children are young, their minds are like little sponges soaking up everything around them. If you aren't sure what exactly to teach your child at home, the Bridge to Learn program might be able to point you in the right direction. The story books are a great place to start for preschoolers, and school aged children can work their way through the learning books (just like an activity or homework book).

For more information, this video gives you a really good idea of what it's all about.

Bridge to Learn are kindly offering Teacher Types readers a 20% discount on the story books. Just enter TeacherTypes20 at the checkout :)

Lauren xx


  1. The books look super cute! They'd make a great Christmas gift!

    1. Gah I'm so behind with replying to comments - thanks Lauren!

  2. My three year old is really getting into activity books at the moment, so I think I might have to order a few of these for Christmas.

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