What To Do With All Those Special Baby Clothes?

Are you a keeper of all your little one's baby clothes? Do you organise them into sizes? Store them in nappy boxes? Tuck them away in a cupboard for if you have another baby or to give to a friend or family member to make use of? Or do you regularly purge and make trips to the op shop?

But what if you aren't planning to have any more children? What about all those super special teeny tiny items of clothing that you feel you must keep? Would you love to do something special with them instead of leaving them packed away in that cupboard to be forgotten about??

I was so pleased to meet Nicoleta via the Mums with Hustle biz club FB group. She turns those special baby clothes into keepsake softies that are just as cute as pie :)

Here's what I sent her...

Each of these little items brings back a memory. Shopping for clothes with my sister in law before the Little Man's arrival because we knew he was going to be a boy. It was hot when he was born so he wore these body suits most of the time in the early days. And he grew out of them very quickly! The little green one he wore for our family photo shoot.

Image credit - Memory Bank Photography

And here's what Nicoleta transformed his baby clothes into - little Mr Fox. Isn't he cheeky? (Like my Little Man). I just adore him! I've got the misty eyes. I'm such a sentimental person and can appreciate something so precious being handmade from teeny tiny baby clothes. Mr Fox here is approximately 30 cm tall, and the quality of Nicoleta's sewing is top notch :) (Kindly gifted for the purpose of this review).

The beautiful thing about these keepsake softies, is that the bring back those early memories of when your bubba was that tiny. You remember those outfits and patterns. You can remember holding them, dressing them, taking them home from the hospital, or going on a special outing. 

Nicoleta is based in NSW and her love of sewing came from her grandmother. There's a variety of animals/teddies you can choose from, and she can also make quilts from baby clothes which is another lovely idea. Your keepsake can personalised with your child's name and date of birth stitched on to make it even more special.

Here's where you can find her - Shop | Facebook | Instagram

Nicoleta, thank you so much for choosing my blog as a platform to share your beautiful, sentimental, precious keepsakes with the world! I can tell how much love and care has gone into Little Man's Mr Fox and it is something I will treasure for many years to come. Lauren xx

PS Miss M is a tad jealous of Mr Fox, so we're ordering one for her as well - not gifted, just because we love it! xx

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  1. Love it Lauren! Such a good idea, what a cute toy as well. How special xx

  2. OMG that is the cutest little thing ever! Such a beautiful idea - I've got bags and bags of tiny clothes I can't bear to part with, but having them turned into something like this would be gorgeous :).

  3. Oh this is divine! After six kids, I have quite a few pieces I have clung to. I was hoping to one day make a quilt from the clothing. This is adorable! I will have to keep it in mind for re-purposing my children's items.

  4. That's a beautiful idea. But I am so crazy sentimental I don't think I could bear to have anything cut up - even if it was fashioned into something as gorgeous as Mr Fox! For most sane people though, this is a genius solution to baby clothes hoarding. ;)

  5. I have two huge boxes of baby clothes that I really need to go through and sort before the next baby comes, I'm just holding out until we know the sex. That's also my excuse for now so I don't need to get rid of any because I know its going to be so hard to part with them. I'm definitely going to go through them and do something like this once I've sorted them.

  6. That is so cool. What a beautiful way to treasure the memories forever. Denyse #teamIBOT

  7. Oh my gosh! What a brilliant idea!! I love it! We have boxes of stuff that I can't bear to give away.

  8. Oh that is completely gorgeous. I've seen the quilts done but this is next level cuteness! I love it. I've held on to a couple of sentimental items (I find shoes the hardest for some reason) but most stuff was either given away, sold in bulk on Gumtree (along with accidentally the wrap she came home from hospital in and the woman initially said I was welcome to have it back but then refused to answer me to make a time, what a mole) or was too stained to be anything but a rag. I will be suggesting this to mum friends!

  9. This is one of the nicest things I've seen today. I am also very sentimental with some clothes of my son and they are kept hidden in my cabinet. I have seen a mum create a blanket out of her son's clothes, now this plushie. Definitely interested. When I have the time, I will sort this out and think how best we could make the clothes into a memorabilia. Thanks for posting this Lauren! xx

  10. What a gorgeous idea! I have so many boxes of old clothes...just waiting in the cupboard...I can't bare to just send them to the op shop!Will definitley check out her site. Thanks for sharing xx

  11. That is adorable! What a great idea! I've kept three items each from my kids' baby days. The rest have been handed down or donated. x

  12. This is so amazing!! I love this idea. What a beautiful way of keeping your beautiful sentimental baby clothes around for longer. Definitely will check her out!


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