{Book Review} Who is Fitzy Fox?

I love hosting book reviews here on my blog. I think it's just such an amazing thing that a person can write a story and go through the whole lengthy process to have it turned into an actual book! A book with pages and pictures and a front cover. What an achievement! And on top of that, books are such an important part of childhood and early learning, it's always great to find and share a new one. And that's what I'm all about :)


Who is Fitzy Fox? written by Primary school teacher Amelia Trompf and illustrated by Jennifer Bruce is a story about identity, belonging and bravery. Fitzy Fox is the most adorable character with his glasses and fancy outfits and accessories. He's so adorable and endearing!

See? He's just the cutest! So lovable!

But poor little Fitzy isn't quite sure what exactly he is. Is he a dog? Or is he a fox? Well he think's he's dog but why then does his family call him Fitzy Fox? Why does the man at the cafe call him Foxy? He must find out! So off on an adventure he goes exploring iconic locations in Melbourne (children who live in the area will love seeing familiar streets and places in the book). He still isn't sure and his questions have not been answered, so little Fitzy bravely jet sets off to London where he eventually finds a real fox to ask his advice.

I never spoil endings in my book reviews, you'll just have to find out for yourself whether he is a dog or a fox! And where do you think the name "Fitzy" comes from?

Young children will relate to little Fitzy, especially if they have a family pet. It's a great starting point to discuss our identities and the features that make us who we are, whilst embracing our differences (e.g. identifying the differences between a fox and a dog). This can then lead into discussions about belonging which is a key component in the Early Years Framework and Australian Curriculum. We want our children to feel that they all belong in their early childhood setting, just like Fitzy who (eventually) discovers where he belongs. The key message for children to take away from this book is that they are loved, just the way they are.

If you head to the Fitzy Fox website, (it goes without saying this is where you can purchase the book) you'll also find so much great content that Amelia has put together, such as teaching resources, activity ideas, printables and crafts to support and extend the book. Great for home or school!

We are Fitzy's final stop on his blog tour to celebrate his release into the big exciting world! Here are all the previous stops if you'd like to read more!

Fitzy loves social media! Find him here - Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Amelia's special guest post!

Lauren xx


  1. I'm going to guess it's Fitzy for Fitzroy? And he's a fox terrier? I'm going to have to find out!

  2. Oh he's too cute! Love books that include Australian places too. Will add this to our wish list. x

  3. What a cute book! What age would you say it's appropriate for?

  4. Looks like a gorgeous book!

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