I didn't plan on baby wearing... but here I am {and I love my Ergo}

It really fascinates me how two children raised by the same parents in the same home in the same way can be so different. This is when you really understand what they by 'nature vs nurture'. As Little Man is growing and developing and we are learning more about his personality and how he is so different to Miss M.

Long story short, he likes to be held...

I'l start by being honest and say that I never planned to be a baby wearer. I used a friend's hand-me-down carrier (won't mention the brand because that's not my style) a couple of times with Miss M but it never really felt right and it didn't really work for her. But all of a sudden when it was time to change Little Man from capsule to pram, he decided was not having a bar of it. He would last about 5 minutes walking around the shops and then crack it! Then I would end up holding him on my hip, whilst pushing the pram and keeping an eye on Miss M that she didn't wander off too far away from me. Not easy to do your shopping in this manner.

So, I accepted that Little Man is just one of those kids that doesn't like the pram, and the more times I gave in and picked him up, the less likely he was going to sit happily in there. We started using the old hand-me-down carrier for a while, but at 10kgs already, it really wasn't cutting it. He was too big for it and I was uncomfortable.

Now I don't know a thing about baby carriers, but everyone seems to be raving about Ergos. So naturally I wanted to know more!

This is what some blogging friends told me before I had even tried mine out...

With twins we needed as much help as we could get and we were recommended ergo carriers by so many people. They were definitely one of the best purchases we made. So comfortable, with all the weight of the babies on our hips not our shoulders, and no "crotch dangling" for the bubs. We went on so many walks with the twins, one on each of our fronts. We were still using them as backpacks when my twins were two and I was pregnant with our third! Liv - Eenie Meenie Miney Mum

I've always been committed to the idea of baby wearing but always found it a little uncomfortable. When my third child was born the only thing I invested in was an Ergo 360 carrier and it was such a massive improvement on the other carrier I'd used! I regretted not investing in the Ergo sooner. When we lost our Ergo somewhere between Sydney and Bali I almost cried! - Claire - Life on Wallace

...then came my chat with Pinky McKay and when I told her about the endless carrying of my heavy, solid boy she told me that the Ergo was the best! She even used it herself with her grandkids. Angela -School of Mum.

I knew that when my second baby was born it was going to be a struggle looking after a newborn and very-dependant-on-me 20-month-old. So I researched baby carriers and decided to go with the Ergo. What a lifesaver! Not only did it free up my hands to get stuff done around the house or deal with my toddler, it was the prefect sleep space for my cat-napper. She felt secure enough to have her naps while close to my chest, and I didn't have to stand for ages patting a baby to sleep while the toddler destroyed the house! Kylie Purtell - Capturing Life

My daughter was born when we were living in New York City. For the first two years of her life, wearing her was the easiest way to get around the city, especially when it came to stairs and the subway. We loved the Ergo because of the comfort and longevity. My daughter, at age five, can still go in the Ergo on my back, making it an incredible long-term investment. Christine Knight - Adventure, Baby!

When my daughter arrived I quickly realised juggling my first born and this new little Velcro bub was going to be difficult without a good tool. Ergobaby to the rescue! By the time she was a toddler we were already experienced family travellers, and with the tropics in our sights, purchased our second Ergobaby (a performance) which allowed us to trek off the beaten track for hours! Leah - Kid Bucket List

A good friend bought me an Ergo when I was pregnant with my first son. 'Trust me, you'll need it,' she said. Both of my boys turned out to be un-put-down-able babies. The Ergo is as comfortable as a high-end hiking backpack, except you don't usually cook dinner, hang washing, play Lego with toddlers and supervise sandpit time while wearing a backpack! Rebecca - Seeing the Lighter Side


So fortunately enough I have a friend who put my in touch with her friend from Babes in Arms to help me out, and she recommended the Ergo Adapt Carrier to suit our needs, and lucky me I was sent one to tell you all about! *Fist pump!

So as with any baby contraption is takes a bit of practise to learn how to get the thing on and adjust your straps, because you aren't always going to have someone with you to help you. (Even when I did have James to help me it took us a few tries (and a few laughs while Little Man has a few tears) to figure it out). But we got there, and the first thing I noticed though was how much more comfortable it was and Little Man felt so secure. I was able to carry him for much longer. We initially tried it with criss cross straps, but later realised it's easier to get on and off on your own if they aren't crossed.

The other thing that I absolutely love, is that he will go to sleep in it! I had always felt like I had to choose between Miss M going on a play date or Little Man's morning nap. Now we don't have to worry about that!

The adapt carrier has three positions, on the front facing in, on the hip or on the back like a backpack (we have yet to master this one), but the only position it doesn't do is baby facing out - but this didn't phase me in the slightest.

All in all I'm so pleased with it, andI'm confident it will make life with two kids much easier.

Thanks so much to Babes in Arms for kindly gifting this Ergo Adapt carrier for the purpose of this review.

Lauren xx

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  1. I had never intended to wear my baby, but when they are cuddly and you have a business to run, and other children I had no choice. I miss those days. xx

  2. One of the mums in mothers group has just got an Ergo and I really want one now for this baby. I think baby wearing will be one of the only ways to save my sanity with two kids. Bub loved being held all the time, but I only ever had a wrap carrier and she outgrew it at about 8 months {because she was a chunker} so I think I need to invest in a proper one this time. #teamIBOT


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