14 Things to Make and do with Salt Dough

Move over play dough - salt dough is our new favourite sensory play + craft material! Play dough has probably been the activity Miss M spent the most time doing in 2016 - but the thing she loves with salt dough is that she gets to keep and preserve her creations.

So it's the week leading up to Christmas and it's a great time to make some Christmassy bits and pieces using salt dough, either as a gift for family members or just for the fun of it!

I brainstormed (and then browsed Pinterest) for as many different things to make with salt dough and we tried to make as many of them as possible!

This is pretty much a fool proof recipe - just don't make any plans to leave the house because they take about 3 hours to bake and dry out in the oven (very low temp - around 120).
  • 1 cup plain flour
  • half a cup of salt
  • half a cup of warm water

So here are some ideas of what you could make!

  • Foot prints & hand prints (add glitter to the hand or foot to make it extra special) - ideal for babies.
  • Make Christmas tree ornaments - use Christmas symbol cookie cutters and make sure you pop a hole in them so you can hang them on the tree.
  • Make a candy cane by twisting red & white - this was our favourite!
  • Use feathers, doilies and other items with interesting textures to create imprints.
  • Add a scent! We added some cinnamon to make gingerbread men.
  • Make them rainbow colours (like my friend Sarah did!). 

  • Make stained glass window stars (click here to see what I mean - they look beautiful! I'm pinning this one for next Christmas). 
  • Get some letter cookie cutters to make names and words (like I did with my title - clever huh?)
  • Glue a magnet on the back - easy peasy gift idea!
  • Make a tea light candle holder - another easy one!
  • Decorate with buttons and beads (yes they survived the oven)
  • Make a photo frame (like this one!)

A few final thoughts...

I've heard through the Instagram grapevine that the good old salt dough has a competitor. Amanda from MW_Adventures says that WHITE CLAY is so much better and smoother! Her recipe is;

  • 1 cup bi carb soda + 
  • half a cup of cornflour + 
  • 3/4 cup of warm water
Combine on the stove until all dissolved, then air dry your creations for a few days. She also shared a little tip to not make the ornaments too thick or they could crack.

Image credit - MW_Adventures on Instagram

Aaaaand... I intended for this post to include some 'process photos' of Miss M helping to make these salt dough bits and pieces, but alas I took my phone in to get the battery replaced, and ended up with a whole new phone. (I should be all like "yay" right?). Unfortunately I lost quite a few of my recent photos that were not backed up on Google photos (my own fault, James is all like "Told you so" in the nicest most supportive way).

Have you got any ideas to add to my list?


Lauren xx


  1. I always wondered if beads and buttons would survive the oven or end up a big gooey mess after. I love the idea of adding a magnet on the back too, how cool. I've got all the ingredients and plan on making some salt dough creations this year, just not sure if we'll have the time to get around to it. Hopefully we do.

  2. Great post Hun! Thank all for the awesome shout out too!!!!!

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