Happy New Year & Happy Blogiversary Teacher Types

Surprise! I'm back!

What do you think?

Like my new look?

I've been bursting to show you all. And what a perfect day to do it! We say hello to 2017 and it's Teacher Types' 3rd blogiversary.

So we had Christmas and it was absolutely magical (but oh so very hot - at least I wasn't 38 weeks pregnant this time!).

On the 30th of December we celebrated the Little Man's first birthday! He had a very happy day hanging out at one of our favourite play cafes with hot chips for lunch. And yesterday our close family came over to celebrate with us. I've been doing 'photo a month' with him like I did with Miss M. (You'll notice that 6 months is missing - I took one just not on this rug, and I had to double up on a few to fill the grid). But I just love it! It shows so many little milestone from the year - the smiles, the dribble, the rolling over, finding his feet, clapping hands, the teeth and all of the smiles. (Rug from Ecoviva and Milestone cards from Turquoise Designs). 

Aaaand this is how I spent New Years Eve - in my pyjamas after the kids went to bed, working on my new blog template. #mumlife #bloggerlife

What's in store for this year? I'm glad you asked!

  • I'm starting up a new interview series with some awesome biz mums called "Teacher by Day" and I can't wait to share their stories, their businesses (and how the heck they do it all) with you.
  • I'm going to be more selective with my product reviews this year and will ensure that I'm bringing you the best products that align with what I'm all about - early learning (with a bit of parenting thrown in). There are already some super collaborations in the pipe line!
  • I'll be sharing adventures from the classroom. Woo hoo! I'm back! And in a new role. One day in a Year 2 class and one day teaching PE across Year 1-3 so that's really exciting!
  • Snapshots of our daily life with Mr 1 and Miss (almost) 4. Our play activities and learning experiences, our favourite toys and materials. Lot's of this happens on Instagram!

Things will slow down a bit as my priorities are different this year - I'll still be here but not as often. I tell you what though this fresh new (and oh so professional) look has given me all kinds of renewed enthusiasm!! Ideally if I can stick to 1 blog post per week I'll be happy. The Instagram drafts folder and Facebook scheduler will be my new best friends. You'll see me popping up elsewhere too! I'll be still writing for some of my regulars.

Finally, if you'd like to work with me in 2017 I would love for you to get in touch. I'll have a new media kit soon but in the mean time I invite you to flick me an email if you'd like to get the ball rolling and collaborate with me!

Happy New Year everyone! Looking forward to hanging out with you all.

Lauren xx


  1. Happy new year Lauren! This sounds awesome. I will check the blog out properly from my computer soon. Looks good from my phone so far x

  2. Your blog is looking fabulous Lauren!! And it sounds like you have a great year planned! I'm looking forward to following along like always!! x

  3. Looks like you have so many amazing things happening in 2017! Love the new look too! Can't wait to hear all your stories about teaching and all your regular stuff too!

  4. Looking good for the new year! Happy blogaversary!

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