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Hey everyone and happy Monday! I got such an awesome response from my first Teacher by Day interview (and because I have some really exciting interviewees coming up) - I've decided that I can't possibly wait a whole month before publishing my next one.

Today's beautiful lady is one of the most special souls you'll meet on Instagram. You probably already follow her, and you may not know that she's a teacher by day. I would love for you all to meet Rin from Papered Thoughts. She's the girl who paints rocks with motivational messages and is all about spreading kindness around the world. I was so excited that she agreed to be here today! I love what she's about - and her shop is only open for 2 more weeks before she goes back to full time work PLUS study. So if you want to get your hands on her rocks or any of her other products, now is the time!

1. Hey Rin! So am I right that you are all about good old fashioned snail mail? Why is it so important to you?

I am a big advocate for the lost art of letter writing, there is something beautiful about receiving real tangible words on paper, to know that someone has sat down and thought about you for long enough to pen you a letter. The process is slower, you have to sit and think, in a world we're we are so caught up in social media and emails and the instant nature of it all, it is a luxury to be able to slow down, to really connect and be mindful.

2. How did the 'good vibe rocks' come about?

PS. I love the lucky dip idea! Such a cool surprise to get in the mail. Like a special message from you to me :)

I got stuck in a bit of a rut, I've always loved writing letters to strangers, leaving them around my local suburbs, along with little post-it cards and stickers, but was tired and needed something more. A good friend (Josh Solar) sent me a little rock all the way from California with the word "shine!" written on it, and it just kind of took flight from there. I think it's the weight and the feeling of those words in your hand, it gives them more power than if they were written on paper or on a computer screen.

This was one of my rocks I got in my lucky dip - it's like Rin knew exactly what I needed to hear

3. I know this may be a hard question - but do you have a FAVOURITE rock? Of all time?

A Favourite Rock, eek that's hard! I did have quite a few that I found it hard to let go of, but I decided that if they meant that much to me imagine what they could do for someone else.
I do have a soft spot for the little "Be Brave" rocks, they fit perfectly in your pocket as a little reminder to keep being brave! I have one I've kept with me since I began painting the rocks over a year ago.

4. So you're teaching full time this year? What is your role?

I am the Lead Educator and run the 2-3 year old Environment at a Montessori Preschool, it's full on, it's exhausting; emotionally and physically, and it's the best job in the world. I adore my classroom and the girls I work with, the kids, the environment, the team, It's amazing but it's been a journey. I spend about 50+ hours a week at school cultivating my program, resources, cleaning and making materials. You're heart really has to be in early childhood or you'd burn out pretty quickly.

5. And you shared with us on insta that you're also studying this year? Tell us more!

I'm heading back to finish my degree and take some classes in additional needs and education.

6. What are you reading right now?

I just finished "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho, and I'm so frustrated it took me 15 years to pick it up! It is one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read and just reaffirms what this whole year is about for me - the journey to find what I'm really meant to be!

7. So you're a Harry Potter fan? What's your favourite book in the series? 

That's like picking a favourite child! It's a fight between "The Prisoner of Azkaban" - the imagery of Hogsmede is when the wizarding world became so much more than just a castle of wizards. And "The Half Blood Prince" because it was the first grown up book, it was witty and darker and had a touch of teenage romance.

8. What's great about living in Sydney?

I love travelling and seeing other parts of the world, meeting other people, hearing their stories. But I love coming home, I can't imagine living any where else than on the northern beaches of Sydney, little towns full of cafes, book shops, and the ocean.

9. Favourite Instagrammers for us to go and stalk?

Oh too many - right now I'm obsessed with
  • @janellesilver who tell's the story of mental illness through beautiful honesty and even lovelier art 
  • @gracedchin makes some rad art with really important messages for modern girls/women/boys/humans and 
  • @father_of_daughters is a brilliantly, witty, hilarious insight into a dad raising 4 daughters!

10. Please share your links with us... shop + socials

Etsy (shop closing 3rd of Feb until further notice)...

Thank you so much Rin for taking the time to chat with  us! Love what you do - wishing you all the best with work and study, keep up posted with what's happening on Instagram and I hope that later in the year you'll be back to painting some more good vibes rocks. xx


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