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Not long to go now and the kids and teachers across the country will be getting back into school mode ready for another big year of learning! (Did you see my best back to school products post last week? You still have time to order some of these goodies!). Seems that some states go back earlier than others do... hmmm. Anyone know why they do this? We here in SA are back on the 30th of Jan :)

I've teamed up with a fabulous group of Aussie parenting bloggers to bring you the Aussie back to school blog hop! 11 awesome articles on a variety of back to school topics - we've got you covered (all links will be at the end of this post). Be sure to check them out and show them some love :)

As for me, I'm giving you my TOP TIPS for heading back to school

Be Organised... 

...and set the tone at the start of the year for the way you intend to finish the year. Establish your morning routine so that everyone gets out the door with everything they need and on time. Don't forget about bed times -  try to get back to a reasonable bed time routine so that your kids are getting enough sleep. Also think about your homework routine - will they do homework straight away when they get home to get it out of the way? Or will they need to play and burn off some energy before they sit down to do it?

Go Shopping!

Consider getting your child a new back pack, lunch box, drink bottle. Take them shopping and let them choose so they start to feel excited about going back to school. Make it a positive experience! It will make the first day that much easier if they are looking forward to starting the new school year.


You have no idea how many hats, jumpers and drink bottles go missing during the school year (let along during swimming week eek!). Back ups are a good idea too otherwise your child might be missing out on play time if they don't have their hat. Majority of schools have a "no hat no play" policy if the UV rating is 3 or above. 

Get Your Bake On

Do some baking together in this last week of holidays. Get some school lunchbox treats made and pop them in the freezer. Once again if your kids are involved with these back to school preparations, it will help to ensure are more positive start to the year. 


Establish a good line of communication with the teacher. I cannot tell you how important this is. Whether email, dairy notes, phone calls or in person works best for the both of you - find out and keep your child's teacher well informed of what's going on. Ask questions, check in, and we'll do our best. Yes we are busy (before school is an especially busy time), but we are also approachable. Don't be afraid to come up and say "Could I have a quick chat when you're free?". 

Don't Cry on the First Day!

As emotional as you may be on the first day - try to stay positive, keep a smile on and save the tears for the car. If your child sees you cry it will probably set them off. Try not to drag out your goodbye for too long - and please please please once you leave the room, don't come back in otherwise you'll have to do the separation all over again. If your child is teary, trust us, we know what we're doing and have seen it all before. 

One final thing - if you want to ease your child back into 'school mode' gently - have a look through my keeping up with the kids learning in the holidays post for some ideas!


And now for the blog hop!
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Best of luck for back to school time! Whether you're a brand newie or a seasoned professional school mum. I can't wait to meet the Year 2s on my first day!!

Lauren xx


  1. Wonderful tips! I agree with being organised from the start. Kids work so much better when they know what to expect and will pack better when they know where things "go". Still need to get my "bake on"!

  2. Great tips Lauren! Being organised is so important. I've just put together paper tryas for my son's desk for each subject so he can store all his bits and pieces in the one place. I've also coloured coded his books and will do the same for his timetable once we get it. He's starting high school which is the next level up but I'm hoping these strategies will help him develop his organisational skills & independence!

  3. unsurprisingly you are the queen of back to school tips! I feel like I almost have this sussed now!!

  4. Our eldest is starting school on Tuesday (QLD goes back a little earlier) and I've really been trying to make the whole process a positive one for him. I love these tips but will definitely have a little trouble stopping the tears from flowing!

  5. Our only starts in a couple of weeks - I am soaking up all the tips - these wonderful ones included, that I possibly can!!! Thanks!! Anna @Kids Play Space

  6. Great tips for a first time school mum like me! I'm just about to get my bake on! yeeha!

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