Easter Art for Kids {Little Picassos Art Class}

Sponsored by Little Picassos, Adelaide. All opinions are my own.

There are so many activities on offer for kids these days - swimming, dancing, endless sports, kindergyms and playgroup. But are you aware of any art classes in your area?

Miss M and I recently attended a class especially for preschoolers at Little Picassos, Adelaide. I would love to take you through what we did step by step and share with you how brilliant it was. I was super impressed and Miss M (the keen artist that she is) absolutely loved it. She was so eager and just wanted to dive right in to every task, but when she paused for those instructional moments and I watched and observed her - she really listened and took in what the teacher was saying.

Let's get started

The children begin as they arrive by getting in the art zone with some free drawing with a variety of art materials - this week it was oil pastels. All children have an A3 visual art diary ready for them at their special place at the table.

Letter of the Week

The program the art teachers are following is a letter of the week which the lesson is based on. This week is E for Easter Eggs! Here the teacher Amanda is demonstrating to the children how to use the edge of the cardboard to stamp the letter E into their workbooks. 

Our turn!

Time for the next activity

Now it's time to do some Easter egg sponge painting. Once again the teacher demonstrates to the children what they need to do. After the had done their eggs, they drew Easter baskets with oil pastels and glued on textured craft materials. 

But wait, there's more!

Next the children  drew the outline of an Easter bunny, and painted it using the "stippling" technique (like dabbing). This gave the bunnies that fluffy effect! Then they added grass using the cardboard just like we did for the letter Es. Usually, a piece of art such as this would be left to dry and then added to the following week, however Miss M was given a few extra pieces to decorate hers so she could take it all home.

All of that in a 45 minute session! 

I was honestly so impressed by the standard of the lesson. Each activity tied in with the next, and specific art techniques were taught whilst the children were given plenty of opportunities to express their own creativity. Most impressive was that the classes are run by qualified teachers. How amazing is that? You can be assured that each week your child is participating in a high quality art lessons.

Classes are held at Glenelg, Hyde Park and Woodcroft for a variety of age groups from preschoolers through to school age children. These classes run during the school terms, however school holiday programs are also on offer, PLUS birthday party booking options (they can even come to you!) For more info on any aspect of the business, please don't hesitate to contact Janine studios@little picassos.com.au.

You can find Little Picassos here;

Thank you to Janine and Amanda for having us. We really did love it!
Lauren xx

Our finished art works hanging up proudly at home.


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