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I'm a big fan of monthly subscription packs for kids, and I've been lucky enough to review a few of them on the blog (I'm actually planning a round up post of all of them!). But this month I actually got to contribute to one! Roxanne from Inspire Book Box contacted me to see if I'd be interested in partnering with her business to come up with a book inspired art + craft activity to be included with the July book boxes. I have always said that a child can never have too many books - so I thought this subscription program was a fantastic idea! This month's theme was friendship and the key text was "Oliver and Patch" by Claire Freedman. So I got my thinking cap on and got to work...

Kindly gifted for the purpose of this review (not sponsored). 

Included in the "Bigger Hands" book box were two other books you can see below, a recipe card (this month the cooking activity was courtesy of Simone from Play with Food), craft card, a small toy gift and a parent guide. Let me give you a closer look...

Book 1: Oliver and Patch

Oliver and Patch is such a sweet story about moving somewhere new, feeling lonely, finding a friend in an unlikely place and making the right choice even when it's difficult. I was drawn in to the story at once and it would be really relatable for a child who had recently moved house. We are a dog loving family and Patch is just the sweetest little guy who keeps Oliver company. The book has a wintery feel and given it being winter in Australia right now, I decided that the craft activity would be to create a "patch" work scarf just like Oliver is wearing in the story.

Miss M was so stoked to see her work in the instruction card! And even though she had obviously done this activity before - she was keen to make another scarf when her daddy got home from work (and my heart just melted when they were working on it together - you'll notice James was trying to save time when he cut the paper into strips rather than individual squares lol!), and pictured below Miss M is trimming the fringe of her scarf. Cutting and pasting was the perfect choice to keep the 3-6 year olds busy this month!

Book 2: Could a Penguin Ride a Bike? by Camilla de la Bedoyere

A surprising non-fiction book! I was really impressed with this one. Questions are posed to the reader if penguins can do all sorts of every day things that humans can do, and the answers are given in a really informative way. I have never come across a non-fiction text written in this way. It makes the facts really fun and entertaining for children to learn. After doing a quick Google search I've discovered there's also a Tiger, an Octopus and a Crocodile book in the series.

Book 3: Max ad Tallulah

Oh my heart what a sweet story about being yourself and not trying to be something you are not. And how often do you come across a story about zebras? Perfect when you do Z for letter of the week or letter of the day. Max is trying to get Tallulah to notice him, but he isn't quite sure how to do it. 

Toy Included: Mini Beanie Boo

The team at Inspire Book Box knew the way to Miss M's heart. He has been lovingly added to
her collection :)

Now my teacher type friends will agree that there is always another use for packaging! So Miss M and I got to thinking about what we could do with this extra shredded green paper... "An aquarium!" She exclaimed, "this could be the seaweed". Little did she realise that the paper would just go soggy, so we still made the aquarium using some other bits and pieces and will save this paper for another day! Collage? Grass for a small world? Roll it up to make a paper quill picture? I have loads of ideas!

Next month's theme is "Music is in the Air" and orders close on August 24th. Order here! Choose between "Little Hands" for 0-2 year olds, "Bigger Hands" which is the one I have featured today for 3-6 year olds, or if you have two (or more children), a great option is the "Many Hands" box where there will be goodies included for both (or all) of your kid's to enjoy. (Another option is to select "extra sibling" and the team will simply add in an additional gift, or enough craft materials for both siblings to do the craft activity).

What impressed me most about Inspire Book Box is that your child is getting more than books each month. They are getting tailer made and well thought out art, craft, sensory and cooking experiences to enrich their experience of the text. It's such a fantastic way to get kids excited about reading!

Sending a huge round of applause to Roxanne and the rest of the team.
Lauren xx

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