How to be SUPER organised for back to school

Well, Christmas is well and truly over and we have all celebrated the start of a new year. Teacher types around the country and probably relaxing and enjoying their breaks, while some of us are starting to think about getting organised to head back to school (we are a bit like that, us teacher types).

This is a sponsored post as part of my brand ambassadorship with Teach Starter. 

My friends at Teach Starter have so many amazing resources to make it easier for you to be super dooper organised for 2018. If you haven't already got a teacher planner, consider printing your own! There are some gorgeous designs and options that Teach Starter has created, and I wanted to show you the "chalkboard" series. It's all completely customisable as a word document if there's anything about it you wish to change. We all work differently, so it's great to be able to craft your planner - just the way you like it. Here's just a few sample pages...

Your year at a glance, for special events, birthdays etc...

Term planner so you can keep track of everything...

Monthly overviews (each month is a different colour - so pretty!)

Weekly planners (this is how I work best)

Daily planners, if you need more room to write up each lesson.

Print it all out in colour and take it to Officeworks to get spiral bound, or pop pages individually into a folder. Like I said, whatever works for you. 

Next up you need to get your classroom organised - sticking with the chalkboard theme (because it's so on trend right now)... I found this pack which includes welcome sign, student/equipment labels of various sizes, checklist, class rules poster, 100 chart, class jobs, class timetable, birthday chart and more.

I also found these desk plates which are so handy - all of the basic info children need is at a glance right in front of them. Either laminate and stick onto their desks with blu tak or sticky velcro dots, or place a layer of clear contact directly over them onto the desk. You can also choose your font so the desk plates are customised to your state or school (they also come in different backgrounds). There are heaps more variations over the on website too.

Visual timetables and calendars are a must for every classroom. Children love knowing what comes next and the pictures for each lesson or subject help them to know what to expect. They can also see how far through their day they are and when it's getting close to a break or home time. Especially important for children with additional needs such as ASD who may struggle with routines or lesson change over, but in my experience they are essential for every child in every class.

Learning about time, dates, months, seasons, weather etc is all part of the Australian curriculum, and I always think it's great to teach these concepts on a daily basis as part of the morning routine. This is where a classroom calendar pack can work perfectly!

I have only scratched the surface of the amazing classroom resources that Teach Starter has - as I said throughout the post, most are customisable for your school font or tweak to make it just the way you like it.

Also, if you haven't already noticed, you can score 20% off your Teach Starter membership by grabbing a code from a friend who is already a member (they'll get 20% off too when you join). If you are having trouble finding a code, check out the Teach Starter FB page - there are heaps of codes in the comments on the "Share the buzz" post.

Lauren :)


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