10 Grimm's Products for Under $40

You probably know by now how much I love Grimm's wooden toys and I'm always adding to our collection. Some people assume that these gorgeous products are out of their price range - (first of all let me assure you that they are totally worth it due to their uniqueness, quality and open ended play opportunities). But if you're looking for something a little less expensive than the trademark large rainbow (which is usually around the $130 mark) and you still want to start your Grimm's collection, then I've found some gorgeous ideas for you! All from my favourite Grimm's stockist The Creative Toy Shop who I'm proud to say I've been working with since they opened!

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My current favourite Grimm's product is the pebbles! I have them in Moss (pictured above on our discovery table) and I've just placed my order to get the River and Fire ones as well to complete the collection. Children love to balance them, place in order and add to small worlds. There's something to intriguing about a pebble shape that's crafted from such beautiful and tactile wood.

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The mushroom sorting game is one of the products that we own and I use it regularly to set up imaginary play for the kids. Miss M has used them in a fairy garden, and they can often be found on Little Man's train table as part of the forest scenery. He is at the ideal age to place each lid onto the mushroom stump.

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One of the first Grimm's products I got was the small stacking tower and we've found heaps of different uses for it; great for ordering by size, place them inside each other, create a tower, use as containers for colour sorting, sensory play and so much more!

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The mixed forest is another gorgeous addition to small world play. It comes with these 7 pieces as pictures above in all different shades of green and different shapes.

Great for toddlers are the Tower Roses and Coral Wooden House, but there are lots of similar varieties of shapes and colours all for a similar price. Ideal for first or second birthdays!

The wobbly conical tower is another great one for toddlers and it's also available in blue. I like how it's that bit different to the regular stacker toy that your child probably already owns!

A great one for babies is the rainbow bead grasper. The colours, the texture, the smooth balls and the sound it makes as they bump against each other is so inviting! You'll probably be playing with it too! Keep this one in mind for a unique baby shower or baby arrival gift!

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Currently in my classroom I have the Small Stacking Water set up on our Ocean discovery table. It's such an inviting place for the children to play and explore our theme.

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If you are really desperate for a rainbow but can't afford the large, there is a small one available measuring 11cm across (pictured here minus the purple centre piece). This was the very first Grimm's product I purchased and it's been played with for many many hours ever since then (at home and in the classroom).

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So that's about it! If any of these items are out of stock, be sure to follow Brianna at The Creative Toy Shop on Instagram to keep up to date when the next Grimm's restock will be. The popular items always sell out quickly!

Any specific questions about any Grimm's products, feel free to leave a comment below, send me an email or an Instagram DM.


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