Learn and Grow with the New Officeworks Range

Don't you just love wandering the aisles of Officeworks? All that pretty colour coded and matching stationery makes me feel like I could be the most organised teacher ever. Miss M shares my love of pretty stationery and is always so excited to simply just buy a new pen or notepad, but Officeworks recently launched their new Learn and Grow range, opening up a whole new world of kid's products and I'm sure it will fast become one of their favourite shops too!

Please note, this is not a sponsored post, although we were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of this new product range which included a very generous goodie bag! I couldn't help but show you some of the products in more detail here on the blog. 

So I'm going to try and give you a glimpse on what's on offer in a few simple categories.

For the little ones

Melissa and Doug puzzles (pictured below) are just fantastic and I've been wanting to get some for a while now. We got the 0-9 number puzzle, and one thing I really like about it is the pictures underneath the numbers, as well as the number word. I'll have to add the other two to our collection now. They'd be great to use at school too. Little Man also enjoyed playing with the fuzzy felt story board of the pirate and the "treasure" (he's been obsessed with treasure hunts ever since Easter). Fuzzy felts are such a nice quiet time activity. Egg chalk is another great one for little toddler hands.

Little Man practising his cutting skills at the Learn and Grow launch event!

Art Supplies

Officeworks have included some of their own branded products such as paint and play dough. Miss M recognised that we had been given the three primary colours and was so excited about the large bottles because she could make any colour she wanted. The following day we got the paints with some large paper, rocks and shells for some large scale outdoor painting fun (which turned into water play and potion making). The paints are washable and super easy to clean (off of the pavers - don't tell James).

There were also some cool new Crayola products I hadn't yet tried yet including...Slick Stix twistables and paint brush pens. The water colour pencils were something new Miss M hadn't tried before so we've been having lots of fun experimenting with these. I remember loving them as a kid myself.

All the basic craft supplies you would normally need for home or the classroom such as pom poms, feathers, glue are included in this impressive range.


As you all know - sensory play is a favourite in our household - especially play dough. As I said, Officeworks has released their own brand of play dough (super soft and squishy in gorgeous pastel colours), but they also stock the usual Play Doh brand stuff too. Slime Baff, plasticine and air drying clay are also available. (Does anyone else's kid watch Mister Maker and ask if you can "go to the shop and buy air drying clay? Well now you know where to get it from! Haha!)

Miss M loved the play dough table at the Learn and Grow launch event!


Miss M and I got to have some really nice time together during the school holidays to follow her interests and do some activities that were inspired by her ideas. Just one example was this piece of cardboard covered in stars and hearts that she found in the recycling bin at my school (of all places), and she then decided to stick one letter of the alphabet inside each shape. Plus she even colour coded them! We counted how many there were to make sure we had enough shapes and discovered there were some left over! These alphabet stickers would also be great for making sight words.

In our goodie bag we also received a clock, play money and a dot to dot activity book (but there is a huge variety of activity books in store and online). You can also pick up teacher stickers and stampers to use in your classroom.


So no longer is Officeworks only for grown ups! It will likely become your little one's new favourite shop!

See the whole Learn and Grow range here.

Lauren :)

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