Fun and Fabulous Four Seasons Activities

I'm really interested to know, how do you go about teaching the four seasons? Does it come under your Maths curriculum when you are learning about days, weeks, months and time? Or does it come under Science when you're examining the weather, Earth and space? Or maybe it's a little bit of both. Do you do it all in one unit? Or spread it out over the year so your Summer lesson plans take place in the Summer time? I don't think there is a right or wrong approach, I am just genuinely interested! Please let me know via the comments below or over on Instagram.

Anyway, regardless of when and how you teach it, here are some fantastic resources for Junior Primary level you might want to try!

When setting up your classroom at the start of the year, months of the year visuals and birthday charts are always a must have! I love how the seasons are reflected within the months of the year labels, each of which is subtly different to the last, adding a point of interest and discussion. Children can also use these as a stand alone activity where they need to place them in order or group the seasons. The poster below would make a great addition to a class calendar display as well!

When I was browsing Teach Stater the other day (as I always do), I discovered that they have four seasons resources for both the northern and southern hemispheres which I thought was a great feature! These spinners look like a fantastic classroom resource. I would ideally make up a few of them to have as a small group activity. It's also available as a black and white version for the children to colour in themselves. All mine needs now is a split pin!

Miss M and I loved doing this tree craft activity! It's such a clever way to show the changing of the seasons throughout the year. Follow the link to see the finished product!

A fantastic way for children to record their understanding of each seasons is with these open ended worksheets. The sheet comes with a coloured border or in black and white - so Miss M decided to do both of them and recorded the four seasons in different ways, firstly with the weather and sky, and secondly with the trees. I loved her attention to detail, for example adding orange to show the hot summer sun and wiggly lines for the wind in Autumn.

How cute are her trees?!?

For more ideas head to the Teach Starter blog, or this post I did a few years ago for some more hands on ideas! 


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