Bird Themed Nursery | Kids Bedroom Inspiration

Are you planning, painting, designing or decorating a baby's nursery? Are you having a 'surprise' or finding out the gender? Aiming for a gender-neutral nursery or thinking you might make some decor selections after the birth when you settle in with Little Miss or Little Mr at home?

Perhaps your little one is at the age when their bedroom is in need of an update. Maybe they are starting school in the New Year and are graduating to a big kids bedroom.

Whether you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions or would simply like to take a peek, I hope you enjoy scrolling through these photographs of my little girl's bird themed nursery (taken by my husband James).

Before I post the photos, I'd like to mention another of my favourite websites Etsy. It's like eBay without the bidding, more of an online marketplace with many handmade goods and other unique bits and pieces. Especially useful when you're searching for baby/children items.
We decided to keep the baby's room walls plain so that the main feature is the wall decal tree sticker which I found here in an Etsy shop. I love these shades of pink and green together (you can select your exact colour combination you want). Another nice idea is to have a coloured feature wall with a white tree decal sticker.

I searched high and low for the perfect mobile and came across these cute little handmade felt birds on Etsy (click here). This Etsy shop has many beautiful felt options to choose from to suit almost any theme.

This sweet cot quilt by KAS came from Babies R Us (you can see the current Baby KAS range here.)

One of the most popular household furniture items these days is the Ikea Expedit square shelves… enough said!

Finally, a late addition to our daughter’s room is this amazing work of art by a close friend Sarah Tamblyn. Click here to go to her online shop and here to see how she creates these stunning prints. If you feel like you don’t know where to start for a nursery or bedroom theme – perhaps one of Sarah's prints will give you the inspiration you need!

Here are some useful links I've found to other inspirational nurseries, some for boys, some for girls and some gender neutral...

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  1. How amazing is Etsy? I love the bird theme you chose. The mobile, bedding and print are just gorgeous and the wall decals remind me of the ones I had when I was a little kid - I remember a giraffe and some butterflies. It's all so bright and fun. :)

    1. Naw thanks Sarah. I really love it too.
      It was a nice idea to share an older post on our FB bloggers group.

  2. Your nursery is so gorgeous! I feel a bit guilty about the state of Rocky's room LOL luckily he's grown into a toddler now so I can skip the nursery stage and decorate for a big boy... if I ever get around to it!

    1. Thanks Kylie! I'm sure it's all too common for people to put heaps of effort into their first child's bedroom - and not as much for their second's. There's always something on the housey to-do list isn't there? x

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