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Hi there! Welcome! Happy New Year!
What better time to launch my new blog than the start of a new year? 2013 changed my life in the most amazing way possible when I became a parent and I’ve treasured my time off to watch Little-Miss-Nine-Months-Old thrive, grow and learn. 2014 is the year for my teacher self to return the classroom part time and contribute to shaping the minds of little people. The aim of my blog 'teacher types' is to inspire other mums and Early Years Teachers by sharing my knowledge, ideas, experiences and useful links.

At times, I believe the roles of teachers and mums are interchangeable…


 We are so much more than 'just' teachers or 'just' mums. 


So, my first piece of advice to ALL teachers and parents out there is to GET ON PINTEREST (if you aren’t already). Pinterest is like a virtual pinup board, a tool for organising the things you love. Whether you search for something specific, browse a category, or come across a little gem of an idea on the web that you'd like to remember for later - you can 'pin it' to one of your boards. Pinterest has given me so much inspiration for my classroom and activities to do with my little one. Check out my Pinterest page to see what it's all about.


Being the first day of a new year, I wanted to share my favourite photo-a-day app called 'Collect'. I'm sure many new mums take numerous photos of their little ones on their iPhones and this app provides a beautiful way to present them. At the end of each completed month, you can export the finished product as a picture file and use it as you please.  I came across this app shortly after my daughter's birth and I was so enthused that I back dated photos to the day she was born.  What a fantastic day to start your own photo-a-day project for 2014! 
'My 365' and '365 Photo App' are similar if you are an android user.

This example is from collectphotoapp.com


Finally, to conclude my first blog post, some special thanks (and links) to some special people:
So please stay tuned to future posts! I have quite the list of ideas including baby play, homemade toys, the importance of reading aloud, nursery inspiration, photo a month…
Please share, comment, like, pin and interact with my blog if you find anything useful!

Thanks for reading,

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