Tiny footprints, handprints & fingerprints | Baby & Toddler Art

With Mother's Day coming up I thought this was the perfect time to publish this post (which has been sitting in my drafts folder for ages!)

Have you ever wondered what type of art project you can do with your baby or toddler if they are too young to hold a brush or will just put paint in their mouth if they attempt finger painting? You are in the right place! There's something so special about a tiny footprint being preserved in paint or dough and kept forever! These ideas make lovely gifts for grandparents too.

1. Footprint Butterfly

2. Footprint Tractor (I did this one as a Father's Day card)

3. Footprint Salt Dough (salt dough recipe = 1 cup plain flour, 1 cup salt and half a cup of water, low heat 75 degrees celsius for approx 3 hours until dried out). I painted mine like Christmas trees and gave them to family and friends for Christmas gifts, however you could leave them plain.

4. Footprint Flower (I made this special one for my mother in law's recent birthday)

Or simply place a hand or footprint in a card! I found footprints much easier. When my little miss was really young, she kept her hands in little tight balls, and when she got older, she tried to grab hold of everything when we attempted to do handprints in Christmas cards!

Here are some other finger print ideas I've stumbled upon around the web. These may be suitable for older children.

5. Fingerprint christmas fairy lights

6. Fingerprint flowers

7. Fingerprint birds

8. Fingerprint Hungry Caterpillar

9. Fingerprint "I Love You" Book

A whole class handprint mural would be a lovely idea for a pre-school or school art activity, particularly at the start of a year or term.

Finally if you're feeling brave and don't mind the mess, here's a link to Scented homemade edible finger paints to try with your little one.

Happy painting and printing and don't forget Mother's Day is only a few weeks away!


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