If I Wrote a School Report on my Toddler

So it's the last day of the 2014 school year - yippee! I survived a whole year of part time teaching whilst raising a toddler. The end of the year is filled with Christmas concerts, presentation assemblies, parties, assessment aaaaaaand...report writing. This funny idea came to me today while I was reading books with Little Miss. I wondered if I were to write a 'school' report on my own child - what would it say?


M is a delightful little person who showed improvement when separating from her parents this term and is beginning to form bonds with other carers. She sometimes plays independently, although benefits from adult interactions during play. M's language development is pleasing and she is able to convey meaning and get her message across in order to get her needs met. She is beginning to combine words together to form simple phrases. After much persistence, M is now able to say her own name.

M enjoys reading books and certainly has her favourite stories. She is able to make connections between the pictures and real life examples. M can count 1, 2, 3 and has fun playing chasey and hide and seek. She has a love of living things and is always happy being outside immersed in nature. Cars, balls, rubber ducks and dogs are some of her favourite toys. M is able to hold a pencil or crayon, however requires reminders to draw on paper and not the floor, walls, books etc.

M is an active toddler and often finds it difficult to be confined to the pram or trolley. She enjoys being free to walk independently when out and about. M listens intently to known nursery rhymes and songs and will sometimes participate with actions and dancing. She is very strong willed and is beginning to follow instructions, although this is an area for improvement. I look forward to seeing M continue to flourish, learn and develop over many years to come.


This is just meant to be a little bit of fun - I didn't write it too seriously. Maybe it'll be nice to look back on it one day. Maybe I'll write another one in a years time.

Any other teacher bloggers out there every considered writing a report on your own child? Any parents to 20-something month olds - does this sound like your child?

Happy school holidays to any other teachers reading,


  1. Oh my goodness, a school report on my thee-year-old would say something like "likes to lead others"!

    1. Good leadership is a great quality Christine!!


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