Lauren from A-Z | My Alphabet Project Part 4

On our recent road trip, I got a rare opportunity to relax and read a magazine, which is where the idea of this post came from. I've done a few other alphabet inspired posts (here, here and here), but I thought one 'about me' would be nice. So often when I read 'blogging how to' or 'blogging tips' posts, something that always stands out is that readers want to get to know the blogger (hence the importance of a great 'about me' page). Have you seen mine? If this is your first visit to teacher types, please have a look :)

So here I am, the teacher who types... A-Z

At my 30th birthday, 2013

A - Archer. Our chocolate Labrador named after the pub in North Adelaide where hubby and I met :)
B - Blog. My new hobby in 2014. Love it!
C - Coffee. Cannot start my day without one (usually followed by a second later on in the morning).
D - Dance. I've always loved dancing, trained for many years and teach dance via various avenues at school. Am enjoying the Les Mills 'Body Jam' and 'Body Balance' classes at the gym I've recently joined.
E - Early nights. Since you can't sleep in when you have a toddler, this is the only way to catch up on some z z z
F - Friends and Family. Love you all! Xx
G - Greys Anatomy. All time favourite TV show and has been for many years.
H - Happy Home. I feel so at peace and happy when I'm home. We have created a beautiful family space that we love to be in and always look forward to being home.
I - "Innocence Personified" - was hubby's earliest nick name for me :)
J - Joy. One of my favourite words.  Pure, happy = Joy!
K - Kids! I spend so many hours with kids! School, home, play dates. I think that's the thing when you are a teacher AND a mum, you are only away from them when they sleep.
L - Lifelong Learning. Part of what this blog is about and what we encourage our students to be.
M - Miss Mellor (my first teacher name before I became Mrs Hunt). 
N - Neat (not always possible, but it's the goal!)
O - Optimist. I always try and see the positives and keep my hopes up.
P - Photos. Photography is just so special. LOVE!
Q - Quotes. Just look at my side bar for the quote of the month.
R - Rainbows. Here's a link to one of my old posts to explain the significance.
S - Snow Patrol, all time favourite band.
T - Teacher. My career, passion and livelihood. 
U - Uplifting. I try to lift others up when they're down.
V - Visual. I love making my blog beautiful to look at.
W - Wife and Mother. My two greatest roles in life.
X - eXcitable. I'm told is one of my characteristics. Although I've probably toned it down a notch in recent years.
Y - Yes. I say yes to everything. Must learn to prioritise more in the new year and say no when I need to. 
Z - Zest. At a professional development course earlier this year, we each did a personal character strength survey, and my number 1 was 'Zest'.

Did you like this idea? (I can't claim it to be original of course, but apart from the magazine article I hadn't seen it on any blogs before - correct me if I'm wrong though). If you're a blogger give it ago on one of those days or weeks when you have not much else to write about (a bit like 'taking stock'), or keep it in your drafts folder and go back to it every now and again when you feel like writing.

Take care, thanks for reading a bit about me xox



  1. Such a great idea. I'm going to use it. Love the nickname from your hubby 💖

    1. Great to hear Raylene! I would love if you could include a link back when you do if it's not too much trouble :)

  2. Great idea - putting it on the list for when I need to do a more personal post and can't think of anything original to share!

    1. Glad to hear that Christine! Thanks for reading :)

  3. Great idea, I really enjoyed getting to know you better :)

    1. Thank you Kylie, isn't it funny how you can feel like you 'know' someone just from reading their blog. Hope to meet you at a blogger meet up in Adelaide one day! x

  4. Thanks for making me smile. What a lovely post!

  5. Fabulous idea Lauren. It's fun, interesting and a really nice chance to get to know you better. :) I love that you guys named your dog after the pub you met at. That's so sweet!

    1. Hi Sarah! You know I thought of his name before we got him (and why I chose the boy pup!)
      Thanks for visiting me again :)

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