That Moment When...

I had a moment the other day when I picked up my little one from child care, and just felt like writing about it. Then it made me think about other moments I've experienced as a parent and just wanted to capture them in words.

That moment when you pick up your child from child care and she looks at you like she can't believe it's you. Like she was so immersed in what she was playing that she forgot about you for a little while. And then she gives you a real hug, wrapping those little arms all the way around you.

That moment when the staff tell you she had a great day. She's visited the toddler room for almost the whole day, played nicely with other children and was just generally happy. That moment when you feel like the staff really care for and adore your child when you hear them speak about her. That moment when your heart swells and you are just so damn proud of her, even though she still cries a bit when you drop her off in the mornings.

That moment when you feel that you made the right choice for her care, even though child care was not part of your original plan, but due to circumstances beyond your control, this was what needed to happen.

That moment when she tells you she is a 'big girl' and doesn't need to be carried like usual but wants to walk from her child care room to the car with her back pack on.

That moment when you leave a play date with a friend at a toddler pool feeling at ease and happy, not stressed because your toddler (hardly) pushed any other children.

That moment when you're at the shops and take a quick break to grab a coffee and lunch for the two of you - she sits on a big chair, looks around, eats her lunch, chats away and you feel like your baby has grown into a young lady right before your eyes.

That moment of amazing sharing when she invites another child to join her on one of those little car rides at the shops (she had to have the drivers seat mind you and this little man had to sit in the back seat). If you know my child in the real world you'll know that this was a HUGE step! :)

That moment when she counts to 5! After weeks of 1 2 3 4 6 8 10, she finally remembered to say 5.

That moment when your toddler holds a bunny rabbit for the first time and your heart melts.

That moment when she carries around her dolly 'Lily' with such care as if she really is a real baby.

That moment when your toddler falls asleep (and goes back to sleeping through) after a few rough weeks of sleep refusal and night wakings.

So this pretty much sums up the last few months of my parenting life. Things are looking up!

Lauren :)

I'd love to read the moments you are experiencing at the moment...please share below starting your sentence with "That moment when..."


  1. A comment from the lovely Anna @ Bombarded Mum
    'Thanks for sharing such beautiful moments - these are the moments that make parenting magic. If we can see the wonder and awe in our beautiful kids and capture it just for a moment, we have seen our children for who they really are and meant to be. What a lovely post and what a great mum you are!' xx

  2. Beautiful. This really made my heart smile....

  3. Go ta little teary reading this. Even though I have little boys, I can relate to all of those moments. Thank goodness for lovely day care teachers and the way they care for our precious children.

    1. Aw, Robyna, that's the first time a ready has told me my words made them teary! A lovely compliment. I am so grateful to M's carers and how they go above and beyond :)


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